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SFQ weedbank tarps

Tarps, Mulch, and Timing: No-Till Tools to Rob the Weed Seedbank

By Stephen Stresow / April 3, 2023

Research shows how the legacy of tarping and mulching can lead to fewer weeds in no–till vegetables. By Stephen Stresow and Ryan Maher The Woes of Weeding  One of the persistent challenges for organic vegetable farmers is managing weeds.  These floral foes emerge each season from the weed seedbank–a collection of all the weed seeds…

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Onion Photo Chronicle

NY Onion Growers Can Keep Yields while Cutting Chemical Use

By Sarah Thompson / October 3, 2022

A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s producers to cut their use of synthetic chemicals without sacrificing yield. By Sarah Thompson A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s…

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An image of the Cherry Ember tomato shows bright red skin with yellow stripes.

New Cherry Ember Tomato Reveals Stripey Charm, Bright Flavor

By Erin Rodger / April 5, 2021

This new cherry tomato variety from Cornell AgriTech provides improved yield and shelf-life while enhancing both visual and culinary appeal.  Cherry tomatoes are a staple in home gardens, farm fields and local food markets, but growing them can be a challenging undertaking. Now, a new variety from Cornell AgriTech provides improved yield and shelf-life while enhancing both visual and culinary…

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Easy Ways to Harvest More this Fall

By Petra Page-Mann / October 20, 2020

Here in the Northeast, finding easy ways to extend our season is essential to eating well as the days grow short.   After years of working on farms and experimenting at Fruition Seeds, here are the four keys of season extension:  sowing the right seeds,  using the right tools,  at just the right time,  and harvesting…

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SFQ broccoli timelapse 1

Tracing Broccoli: The Journey from Seed to Table

By Amy Wu / April 6, 2020

This green plant is a window into better understanding food production and distribution at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub.   In the spring of 2019, the Hudson Valley Farm Hub began following several trays of broccoli on camera as a window into the process of growing vegetables — from production to distribution.   While production is a process that can be broken…

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ryan maher reduced tillage image 4 cropped field day

In the News: Deep Dive into Compost

By Kelsie Raucher / March 13, 2020

Reduced tillage practices and weed suppression management are common goals of small-scale organic farmers.   A lesser-known method is deep-composting, which was presented by the Reduced Tillage Project and a team of Cornell University researchers at the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Winter Conference as a solution to weed suppression in a reduced tillage system. …

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Green jaded tomatoes in cherry tomato medley

Green Cherry Tomato ‘Jaded’ Offers Options in Color

By Talia Isaacson / March 4, 2020

Meet ‘Jaded’, the newest cherry tomato cultivar from Cornell Agritech! As part of a growing collection of diverse cherry tomato varieties, including the Galaxy Suite, Jaded offers growers a whole new color option: it ripens green, but maintains the sweetness of a ripe red.  “When people think of sweeter types of products, green doesn’t necessarily…

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UP 2018 0838 005

Creating Corn to Survive the Cold Spells

By Kelsie Raucher / February 12, 2020

Though it is so prominent nation- and worldwide, corn is actually a tropical crop. As demand for food grows with a growing population, new efforts are in the works to increase the cold tolerance of this staple crop. Former research found that the enzyme Rubisco, critical for turning carbon dioxide into sugar, decreases when plants…

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CCE 2019 CVP Telenko Hoepting 1

Extension and Growers Collaborate to Fight Leaf Blight

By Kelsie Raucher / February 6, 2020

The last five years have been challenging for onion growers in New York State, as a fungus has caused premature leaf death on onions in the field. More than 75% of growers in the state have been affected by Stemphylium leaf blight (SLB), an old disease which has re-emerged and become prevalent after an increase…

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brocolli bjorkman new software

New software helps plant breeders bring out their best

By Melanie Lefkowitz / October 7, 2019

Broccoli is in the eye of the beholder. A head of broccoli that might appeal to one person – perhaps because of its deep green color – may leave another cold, due to an asymmetrical shape or too-large buds. Cornell researchers participating in the Eastern Broccoli Project, which aims to produce broccoli varieties suited to grow…

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