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Register Now for Our Upcoming Online Course Season, Featuring New Courses

By Kacey Deamer / August 15, 2022

Are you looking to improve your technical or business skills to benefit your farming operation? The Cornell Small Farms Program is excited to announce that our upcoming online course season will begin live webinars this fall, and will feature new courses to offer even more learning opportunities. One new addition to our online course suite…

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Reconnecting with Purpose Program Welcomes Applicants for Year 3 Cohort

By Violet Stone / August 12, 2022

As farm and food system educators or change makers, we face enormous challenges to our efforts to support improved livelihoods of those we serve.  Although we may work hard toward positive change and genuine service, our goals can become daunting. There are times we find our energy, commitment and spirit depleted. Are you seeking a…

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Meet the New Cornell Small Farms’ Online Course Coordinator

By Kara Peet / July 25, 2022

I am very excited to join the Cornell Small Farms Program team as the new Online Course Coordinator. With prior experience in education, administration, and customer service, I support instructors and students with the resources they need to be successful with our online course offerings.  I am responsible for all aspects of our online courses,…

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Juntos Aprendemos: Un Día de Campo en Español para la Comunidad Latina

By Mildred Alvarado / July 20, 2022

Carlos Aguilera y Lorena Mendoza Pérez, propietarios de la Finca West Haven Farm en Ithaca NY, graduados del Curso de Gestión de Negocios Agrícolas Futuro Financiero que desarrolló nuestro proyecto Futuro en Ag, serán los anfitriones del primer día de campo para la comunidad Agrícola Latina y más allá, el sábado 6 de agosto del…

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Reduced Tillage Project Sharing Research at Soil Health Field Days

By Ryan Maher / July 15, 2022

Hear the latest Cornell Small Farms Program research on reduced and no-till practices for vegetables at Soil Health and Climate Resiliency Field Days this July. We’ll be sharing our research along with the NY Soil Health team and partners in a statewide event series running this summer. On July 25, we’ll be at Cornell’s Thompson…

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Spanish-First Field Day Celebrates Latino Community Leadership, Spirit and Contribution to WNY Apple Industry

By Nicole Waters / July 13, 2022

Year to year, New York State harvests more than 1.2 billion pounds of apples, cares for more than 1.6 million apple trees, and farms more than 55,000 acres that provide fresh, nutritious apples to more than 68 million people around the country. A huge portion of this effort is due to the massive contribution of…

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Celebrating Pride Month 2022: Queer Farmer Stories and Resources

By Kacey Deamer / June 28, 2022

Farming is independent, self-determined good hard work. Over the last few years, we have been centering our work in ensuring that anyone in New York, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or identity, has the knowledge, skills, resources and networks needed to enter and thrive in farming as their vocation. We have highlighted resources and networks…

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“Sampling” App Cuts Costs in Fight Against Pest and Disease

By Griffin Erich / June 22, 2022

Determined to increase the efficiency of monitoring pest and disease pressure for farmers, Cornell researchers have used field research to develop a new app called Sampling. Sampling aims to aid growers in the timing of their pesticide and fungicide applications, through the creation of action thresholds, or the limit when the cost of control is…

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Incubator Program to Support Beginning Farmers at CCE Tioga’s Hilltop Community Farm

By Yidi Wang / June 14, 2022

There are many ways to learn about farming, and in recent years the number of online learning and digital resources available has drastically increased. But hands-on training offers something special. The experience and knowledge gained can help beginning farmers launch their careers, from growing vegetables to raising livestock, and more.  One such opportunity is being…

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aerial view of sheep grazing in solar array

How Agriculture and Renewable Energy Can Work Together: The Case for Sheep and Solar Panels

By Yidi Wang / June 8, 2022

Land size has always been a crucial factor in agriculture. As New York State is pushing to reach the 70% renewable energy goal by 2030, the continued growing number of renewable energy industries could occupy up to 129,600 acres of land. However, farmland will be within that acreage, as farms can offer unique combinations of…

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