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The Ag Census Counts

By Jodi Letterman / July 15, 2021

No other agricultural data series is quite like the Census of Agriculture. Every five years, American producers share information about themselves and their operations, contributing to a historical legacy that engages us whether we are looking backward or forward. The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who…

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Shiitake Mushroom Logs Headed to NYC via the Schooner Apollonia Sailboat

By Steve Gabriel / July 6, 2021

For thousands of years, mushrooms have been grown on hardwood logs from sustainably managed forest lands. Their origins trace to parts of China, Korea, and Japan. Shiitake cultivation on logs is one of the oldest known forms of agriculture. Today, log cultivation is increasingly rare, replaced by technology and now many shiitake in the US…

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Upcoming Agricultural Events in the Northeast for Summer and Fall

By Delia Guilbert / June 14, 2021

From agricultural conferences to farm days and fairs, we have compiled the following lists of big agriculture-focused events in the Northeast from June to October 2021. While some events remain virtual, many return in-person for the first time since 2019.   In-Person in New York State: NY Agricultural Educators Professional Development Conference   June 21…

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teacher mushrooms outdoor class

Webinar Gatherings to Explore Intersection of Fungi and Community

By Steve Gabriel / June 8, 2021

Join our network of Community Mushroom Educators for a series of events this summer where we will collectively explore and discuss elements of fungi and their past, present, and future impacts on a wide range of communities in society. As this growing industry develops, it is critical that we ensure that everyone has access to…

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Hummingbirds Offer Substitute for Pesticides in Berry Farming

By Olivia Weinberg / June 1, 2021

The thought of spraying pesticides can be daunting — its cost, environmental and health implications are far reaching and unfamiliar to some farmers. Integrated pest management (IPM) offers a way for farmers to steer clear of harmful pesticides while fighting growing populations of insects.  Being able to preserve crops is especially important for New York…

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Cornell Small Farms Program

In the News: Our Director on Big Impact of Online Sales Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

By Delia Guilbert / May 25, 2021

Cornell Small Farms Program director, Anu Rangarajan, was recently interviewed for an article in Saveur magazine about the unique successes some small farms have had with direct-to-consumer online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. When COVID-19 began shutting down business early last year, the decrease in food demand from restaurants put many small farms in a…

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Agroforestry Webinar Series Will Showcase New Research, Techniques and More

By Steve Gabriel / May 19, 2021

Agroforestry describes a wide range of practices that integrate trees, forests, and agricultural production. These systems preserve and enhance woodland and tree landscapes and are an important solution to climate change and in developing healthy farm economics. Agroforestry is rooted in both indigenous knowledge from around the world and in the work of numerous individuals…

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New Report Summarizes NYS Meat Processor Needs and Perspectives

By Erica Frenay / May 10, 2021

Building a resilient local food system requires sufficient meat processing capacity. The COVID pandemic revealed that NYS did not have the ability to absorb shocks, including increased consumer meat demand, leaving farmers and consumers frustrated and meat processors overwhelmed. In Fall 2020, a team of Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, Cornell Animal Science Dept faculty, and…

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In the News: Small Farms Team Advocates for Ag Diversity and Food Security

By Claire Norman / April 21, 2021

Despite there being over 80,000 Hispanic and Latinx employees in New York state’s agricultural sector, only 1% of farm owners identify as such. Hispanic and Latinx farming employees are the working backbone of New York State agriculture. Cornell University and associates recognize this issue and are working to address diversity inequality within the agricultural sector…

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In the News: How We’re Imagining the Future of Urban Agriculture

By Talia Isaacson / April 6, 2021

In 2019, our director Anu Ranjarajan, and Molly Riordan, now an urban agriculture specialist with our program, published a report titled “The Promise of Urban Agriculture.” This report was drawn from data collected from a wide network of active urban growers was designed to further augment our Urban Ag project. Over the past two years,…

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