In the News: Futuro Team on Local Spanish Radio Show

Mildred MariaJose CarlosGutierrez AlcanceLatino

Mildred Alvarado, María José Oviedo and Tim W. Shenk (not pictured) joined radio host Carlos Gutiérrez to promote agricultural education in Spanish via Futuro en Ag on May 8, 2024. Tim W. Shenk / Cornell Small Farms Program

Three members of the Cornell Small Farms Program’s Futuro en Ag team were guests on WRFI’s Spanish-language radio program, “Alcance Latino,” broadcast over the airwaves on 88.1 FM in Ithaca, NY and on the internet.

Our own Mildred Alvarado, María José Oviedo, and Tim W. Shenk joined host Carlos Gutiérrez for the May 8, 2024, broadcast.

The Futuro en Ag team spoke about educational opportunities for Spanish-speaking farmers and aspiring farmers in New York State, as well as barriers to entry into farm ownership for the Latinx community.

Hear more about our work by listening to the recording (in Spanish) online.

Tim W. Shenk

Tim joined the Cornell Small Farms Program in 2023 as the Bilingual Communications Specialist. He brings expertise in Spanish language communication, journalism, research, popular education, and classroom pedagogy. Tim is responsible for the multifaceted communications strategy for the Futuro en Ag project, and supports Spanish language online and in-person education.