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Green Cherry Tomato ‘Jaded’ Offers Options in Color

Green jaded tomatoes in cherry tomato medley

Jaded green tomatoes add a different hue to cherry tomato medley mixes.
Courtesy of Phillip Griffiths

Meet ‘Jaded’, the newest cherry tomato cultivar from Cornell Agritech! As part of a growing collection of diverse cherry tomato varieties, including the Galaxy Suite, Jaded offers growers a whole new color option: it ripens green, but maintains the sweetness of a ripe red. 

“When people think of sweeter types of products, green doesn’t necessarily come to mind,” Phillip Griffiths, developer of Jaded and an associate professor of horticulture at Cornell Agritech, told CALS

But Jaded might just be the thing to change their perspective. With a golden gooseberry hue and a smooth, tropical flavor, Jaded tomatoes are sure to catch consumers’ eyes and capture their taste buds. As consumers’ preferences continue to trend towards the novel and exciting, Griffiths sees ‘Jaded’ as being a great addition to any cherry tomato medley. 

“A lot of the small-fruited medley mixes that you see when you go to stores or weekend farmer’s markets tend to be focused on the yellow, orange and red colors, maybe some striped types, maybe purple,” Griffiths told CALS. “When you start to get colors like green in there, that can really compliment the other colors.”

Jaded is now on sale through the local organic seed company Fruition Seeds. Read more about it in CALS News.


Talia Isaacson