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Cornell Small Farms Program

Cornell Small Farms Program Update- Fall 2011

By Violet Stone / October 3, 2011
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Message from the Managing Editor I am writing this note just days after Hurricane Irene caused disastrous flooding to many areas in our readership.  We at the Cornell Small Farms Program send our deepest sympathy to the hundreds of farmers and homesteaders that lost crops, livestock, buildings, roads and precious topsoil.  As I look back upon the 2011 issues of Small Farm Quarterly, a reoccurring…

Whole Farm Nutrient Analysis: The Casey Farm

By Lisa Fields / October 3, 2011
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Bill and Joanne Casey of Apulia Station, NY own a 60 cow organic, grass based dairy farm. Management intensive grazing is essential to feeding the herd. Pastures, which are both grazed and mechanically harvested as baleage, only receive manure deposited by the cows. The Caseys also compost manure and spread it in the fall on…

Cornell Small Farms Program

Building the C in CSA: Websites, Newsletters and Blogs for Community Supported Agriculture Members

By Elizabeth Lamb / October 3, 2011
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The first things that come to mind when starting a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farming operation probably relate more to the what, where, when, and who of growing crops than to planning your website and writing newsletters.  But the C in CSA does stand for community and getting and keeping members is essential to your…

The New Town Crier: Demystifying Twitter and Other Social Media

By Michelle Podolec / October 3, 2011
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You’ve heard all the hype: supposedly everyone is using social media these days.  But as a small farmer, how can social media help you and your business? Creating an online presence using the free or low-cost online software applications provided by social media sites can help drive new customers to your business. This can be…

The Art of Silvopasturing: A Regional Conference

By Nancy Glazier / October 3, 2011
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The practice of Silvopasturing is causing quite a buzz these days. It was a fairly new concept to me until a year and a half ago, a concept that brings together forestry management and grazing management into one single system of sustainable woodland grazing. It can diversify income by tapping into products of trees, tree…

Boat-to-Fork Community Supported Fisheries Riding a Wave

By Martha Herbert Izzi / October 3, 2011
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We are pleased to introduce the community supported fisheries model in this edition and to feature two of the producers and one distributor who are creating the roadmap for direct consumer access to fresh, healthy fish from local waters. In subsequent issues we will feature more ‘boat to fork’ stories. They are inspiring examples of…

Switchel – A Time Tested Thirst Quenching Favorite

By Ron MacLean / October 3, 2011
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My Dad used to tell about working on his aunt and uncle’s farm in the summer.  Doing some rapid math, that may have been in the early 1930’s.  He didn’t tell many farm stories but a brief one that stands out involved working during haying season.  He emphasized the extremely hard work — the heat,…

black currants

Black Currents Bring Opportunity

By Rachel Whiteheart / October 3, 2011
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“Change brings opportunity. ~ Nido Qubein” This can be said for the transition made by R H Rhodes & Son Inc, of Penn Yan, NY, when they stopped farming vegetable cash crops in 2003 and explored the venture of becoming black currant producers. Most people are not familiar with the small black berry that is…

Strategies to Control Undesirable and Interfering Vegetation in Your Forest

By Peter Smallidge / October 3, 2011
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On most wooded properties, the owner will recognize the presence of at least a few undesired plants species. In some cases, these plants become sufficiently abundant and interfere with the owner’s objectives.  Interference might include the development of a beech or fern understory that impedes oak or pine regeneration; hardwoods that interfere with the establishment…

female farmers

Beginning Women Farmer Program Provides Tools for Personal and Professional Growth

By Crystal Stewart / October 3, 2011
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It is rare to see a group of all women circled in a farm field, kicking at the dirt and talking about the weather. But across the northeast for the last two years, women have been getting together to do just that, and to gain all the benefits that come from having a group to…