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SFQ sheep mastitis

Mastitis in Sheep

By Ulf Kintzel  / October 4, 2021

How to Reduce Cases of Mastitis in Your Flock Mastitis is an inflammation of the udder caused by bacteria. It leads to a loss of milk production and the quality of the milk is affected. Depending on the various bacteria that can cause mastitis, it will be more or less severe. In most cases I…

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How to Keep Your Beef Cattle Healthy

By Rich Taber / October 4, 2021

In part six of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we look at some management items that you will want to pay attention to if you intend to keep your beef herd healthy and profitable. As you read this issue, the golden days of autumn are with us; the warm…

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Cows in a dairy barn.

Older Cows Are More Profitable

By David Balbian / April 5, 2021

It’s not uncommon for dairy producers and their advisors to discuss culling rates and how many heifers need to be raised to maintain or grow the milking herd. The conversation at times leads to discussions about how long it takes a first calf heifer to pay for herself. In other words, how long does she…

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A new calf stands by its mother.

Some Considerations for Beef Cattle Calving

By Rich Taber / April 5, 2021

In part four of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we present several management factors for your beef cow-calf herd to take into consideration.  This is the fourth installment in our ongoing series “What’s Your Beef?” to assist new and beginning beef cattle producers. Previous installments can be seen in recent…

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Cows in a dairy barn.

Antibiotic Usage & Pathways

By Betsy Hicks / April 5, 2021

On‐Farm Perspectives from CNY Dairy Producers  Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other emerging contaminants have been gaining attention across agricultural, environmental, and public health sectors. Slowly, we have expanded our understanding of the broader impacts of these compounds and how they can potentially move in our food, water, soil and air. As consumers as well as farmers,…

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Faces of Solar 1

Faces of Solar Grazing

By Ashley Bridge / January 11, 2021

In part three of our “Solar Grazing“ series, meet some graziers and learn about their operations.    In this article, we will look at how each solar grazier has organized their operation and how they have benefited from membership in the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA). Lewis Fox, Julie Bishop, and Carolina Solar Services were all kind enough to share their knowledge and experience of solar grazing…

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These White Dorper rams need very little input to maintain their body weight throughout the year.

Caring for Rams Beyond Breeding Season

By Ulf Kintzel  / January 11, 2021

How to care for a ram once your breeding season has ended.  It is winter right now and your breeding season has probably ended. What should be done with your ram or rams? According to the questions I receive, the first inclination of people is to remove the ram from the flock. My advice is to leave the ram with the ewes after the official…

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A well-built rectangular-shaped round bale feeder used for multi species feeding.

Beef Handling and Feeding Equipment Considerations

By Rich Taber / January 11, 2021

In part three of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we help you answer the questions of how to safely and efficiently feed and handle large beef cattle.  This is the third installment in a multi-part series on raising beef cattle on the small farm. Previous installments can be viewed in the Summer and…

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New York Organic Dairy Market: The Silver Lining to the Dark Cloud of COVID-19

By Fay Benson / October 20, 2020

With more than 600 dairies, New York has more organic dairies than any other state.  Four months have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic caused a shutdown of nearly all aspects of people’s lives. In the food markets, the shutdown impacted everything from production to processing as well as how consumers purchased their food. Even though…

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A few sheep drink out of a low trough.

Watering the Flock

By Ulf Kintzel  / October 20, 2020

How to provide drinking water for sheep. If you have sought any sort of consultation in how to set up a grazing system for sheep, you will likely have been advised to lay waterlines to provide drinking water to the flock. In this article, I will lay out an alternative way to accomplish the same without going…

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