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A few sheep drink out of a low trough.

Watering the Flock

By Ulf Kintzel  / October 20, 2020

How to provide drinking water for sheep. If you have sought any sort of consultation in how to set up a grazing system for sheep, you will likely have been…

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The author's herd of mixed Hereford, Black Angus, and Red Angus cattle.

Selecting a Beef Cattle Breed

By Rich Taber / October 20, 2020

In part two of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we help you answer the questions of what breed of beef cattle you should get.  In the first article…

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There are Many Ways to Solar Graze

By Ashley Bridge / October 20, 2020

In part two of our “Solar Grazing“ series, learn more about the different options for solar grazing and its potential profitability.   Our last article offered a definition of solar grazing and a basic…

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Calves and their mothers in a pasture

What’s Your Beef?

By Rich Taber / July 20, 2020

So you think that you would like to raise some beef cattle on your small farm? This is the first installment of a multi-part series of articles on raising beef…

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Guardian Dogs for Sheep

By Ulf Kintzel  / July 20, 2020

Guarding means that the dog views the livestock as members of its own pack.   In 2011, I wrote an article for the Small Farms Quarterly about “Livestock Guardian Dogs.”…

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sfq pigs

A Brief History of the Pig in the United States

By Jason Detzel / October 7, 2019

From a few pigs brought over on a ship to the estimated 5 million pigs currently residing in the U.S., we explore the brief and fascinating history of how and…

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hay feeder goat panel

Save Money with DIY Hay Feeders

By Ulf Kintzel  / October 7, 2019

Sharing the design of hay feeders for round bales and logistics of feeding hay to sheep in the winter. Various companies offer round bale hay feeders for sheep. They all…

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RS LivestockReport 1ubs1on

New Report Focuses on the Future of the NY Livestock Industry

By Kacey Deamer / November 15, 2018

Although most livestock in New York is raised on small farms, this industry contributes $893 million in sales to the rural New York economy. Demand far outstrips supply for NY…

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Interested in Raising Deer on Your Farm?

By Kacey Deamer / October 10, 2018

Cervids, such as deer, elk, and moose, are a $3 billion industry in the United States. There are many opportunities for farms to raise deer, but proper care and health…

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CCE economics BetsyHicks 19wpdpy

The Law of Diminishing Returns – How Farms Know When They’ve Reached It

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Betsy Hicks, South Central New York Dairy & Field Crops Today’s economy has every producer struggling to find ways to increase cash flow. We fill stalls, add a few…

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