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Jason Detzel is the Livestock Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extensive in Ulster County. He can be reached by phone at 845-340-3990 ext. 327
On Farm Slaughter Wedding Cow

Farmer Wedding Celebrates with Farm-Raised Cow for Dinner

By Jason Detzel / January 13, 2020

For his wedding, this CCE livestock educator served a cow that was born, raised and slaughtered on their farm.       I recently got married on my farm, in front of my family and friends. To augment that event, we decided to showcase our animal husbandry and respect for our guests by slaughtering a cow onsite and serving it as part of our wedding dinner — this…

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sfq pigs

A Brief History of the Pig in the United States

By Jason Detzel / October 7, 2019

From a few pigs brought over on a ship to the estimated 5 million pigs currently residing in the U.S., we explore the brief and fascinating history of how and why the hog has become an integral part of our agricultural landscape and why there has been a resurgence in demand for pasture raised pork.…

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creek in front of red barn

The Power of Quitting

By Jason Detzel / June 28, 2018

Farming is family.  Rarely have I encountered a group of people who are more motivated, dedicated, innovative and tenacious as farmers.   Whether you are tending apples in Orange County or herding sheep in Oregon, we as farmers hold these truths to be self-evident that all farmers will work hard, be good stewards to the…

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cows grazing in winter

Concerned Citizens and Vilified Farmers: Thoughts on Animal Welfare Complaints

By Jason Detzel / April 6, 2018

The growing divide between farmer and citizen intersects at the topic of animal welfare.  I received a call today from a concerned citizen who was worried about some cattle that had been left out for the winter.  I was happy that they called me first instead of the authorities, and we had a calm and intelligent…

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Gimme Free Ice Cream 1 1qj4q80

Gimme Free Ice Cream!

By Jason Detzel / January 8, 2018

One educator’s quest to address a pressing issue.   I am a regular visitor to the Stewart’s Shops in my neck of the woods, and I’m not ashamed to admit that their ice cream and ready-to-eat pizza constitute a significant portion of my diet when I am on the road. This morning I was in…

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