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Rich Taber is the Livestock and Forestry Educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chenango County, New York. He lives with his beef cows and other creatures on a 165-acre farm in the high, remote hills of nearby Madison County. He can be reached at email rbt44@cornell.edu.

Preparing Your Beef Cows for Springtime Calving

By Rich Taber / April 4, 2022

In part eight of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we share why you need to be paying strict attention to the quality of feed that your late gestation beef cows receive just prior to calving season. This article is the eighth installment on raising and managing beef cattle in…

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Staying Safe Around Beef Cattle

By Rich Taber / January 10, 2022

In part seven of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we discuss how you must be vigilant about safety when working with cattle. This is the seventh article in our “What’s Your Beef” series on beef cattle management and focuses on safety considerations when working with beef cattle. The six…

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How to Keep Your Beef Cattle Healthy

By Rich Taber / October 4, 2021

In part six of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we look at some management items that you will want to pay attention to if you intend to keep your beef herd healthy and profitable. As you read this issue, the golden days of autumn are with us; the warm…

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Beef cows looking at camera

Do the Math for Winter Feed Preparation

By Rich Taber / July 5, 2021

In part five of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we look at how much hay you need to plan for winter feeding your beef herd. When you receive this edition of the Small Farm Quarterly in July, we will be in the throes of the summertime grazing season. It…

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A new calf stands by its mother.

Some Considerations for Beef Cattle Calving

By Rich Taber / April 5, 2021

In part four of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we present several management factors for your beef cow-calf herd to take into consideration.  This is the fourth installment in our ongoing series “What’s Your Beef?” to assist new and beginning beef cattle producers. Previous installments can be seen in recent…

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A well-built rectangular-shaped round bale feeder used for multi species feeding.

Beef Handling and Feeding Equipment Considerations

By Rich Taber / January 11, 2021

In part three of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we help you answer the questions of how to safely and efficiently feed and handle large beef cattle.  This is the third installment in a multi-part series on raising beef cattle on the small farm. Previous installments can be viewed in the Summer and…

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The author's herd of mixed Hereford, Black Angus, and Red Angus cattle.

Selecting a Beef Cattle Breed

By Rich Taber / October 20, 2020

In part two of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we help you answer the questions of what breed of beef cattle you should get.  In the first article in this series in the summer edition of SFQ, I outlined several of the many topics with which you need to become familiar with if you…

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Calves and their mothers in a pasture

What’s Your Beef?

By Rich Taber / July 20, 2020

So you think that you would like to raise some beef cattle on your small farm? This is the first installment of a multi-part series of articles on raising beef cattle on the small farm. In this series of articles in the Small Farms Quarterly, I will outline many of the topic areas that you…

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failed wheel hauling heavy loads rich taber

Touched by an Angel: Disaster Averted!

By Rich Taber / January 13, 2020

He or she who hauls heavy agricultural loads on highways has to be vigilant in preventing machine failures on busy highways!  I am no stranger to ordeals, mishaps, and minor accidents with farm machinery over the years. Even with the best of intentions, and with safety foremost in mind, accidents can still occur.   I have been…

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brush hot ten foot drawbar hydraulics

Brush Hogs and Rotary Cutters: Multi-purpose Tools for the Small Farm

By Rich Taber / October 7, 2019

Brush hogs can knock down vegetation and weeds in a timely manner, and have several very useful purposes. Small farmers of necessity must accumulate a certain amount of machinery to work their farms and landscapes. One of the most useful tools is what is known as a “brush hog” or “rotary cutter.” Brush hogs are…

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