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Rich Taber, M.S., M.S.F., is Grazing, Forestry, and Ag Economic Development Specialist with CCE Chenango.  He lives with his chainsaws on a farm that has a 100 acre woodlot in Madison County. He can be reached at phone: 607-334-5841 ext. 21 or email: rbt44@cornell.edu.
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Low-Cost Seeding Methods for Improving Pastures and Haylands 

By Rich Taber / April 6, 2018

Methods to improve old unproductive pastures and hayfields that are both effective and economical are a common challenge for farmers, and especially so for new and beginning farmers.  The time and cost for re-seeding includes multiple passes of tractors and tillage machinery including plowing, disk harrowing, spring tooth harrowing, rock picking, planting, and packing to establish a new planting, far more work and cost than…

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Personal Protective Equipment: Chainsaw Safety, Part 2

By Rich Taber / January 8, 2018

Chainsaw Safety, Part One This second part article on chainsaw safety is part of our CCE Chenango grant project done in collaboration with the New York Farm Viability Institute, “Increased Farm Profitability and Diversity through Value-Added Forest Products Initiative”.  We have been encouraging farmers and woodland owners to develop forest based enterprises, many of which…

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Chainsaw Safety, an Absolute Necessity

By Rich Taber / October 2, 2017

Most farmers and rural landowners own chainsaws for a variety of purposes, the majority of which involve the cutting of trees and firewood.  Chainsaws, in the hands of the untrained or those who do not follow common safety rules, are in danger of causing serious injury or death to themselves. This year alone, I have…

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Making Hay When the Sun Seldom Shines

By Rich Taber / October 5, 2015

How ironic this summer of 2015 has been! When I wrote my article “Making Hay While the Sun Shines” for the last edition of SFQ, it had been a fairly dry spring. It looked like the summer of 2015 would be short of rain. Not too long after that article was written, it began to…

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A Quick Primer on Marketing Your Livestock for Meat

By Rich Taber / October 5, 2015

“I believe in leadership from ourselves and respect from others. I believe in my own ability to work efficiently and think clearly, with such knowledge and skill as I can secure, and in the ability of progressive agriculturists to serve our own and the public interest in producing and marketing the product of our toil”.…

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Selecting a Tractor for the Small Farm

By Rich Taber / October 6, 2014

OK, you bought the farm, and you have moved onto the property, with excitement, and anticipating new activities in your farming ventures.  There are a tremendous number of activities that need to be done on a small farm, regardless of the size.  For the new or beginning farmer, one inevitable hurdle to overcome is how…

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Strategies for Managing Your Property for Wildlife

By Rich Taber / January 9, 2011

People vary greatly with regards to their preferences for “wildlife”, usually based on their personal experience and interests. For some people, white-tailed deer personify their interest in wildlife. For others, the birds (sparrows, juncos, woodpeckers, and chickadees) they see at their feeders are the most endearing to them. Do we think of the beavers that…

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Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies Developed for Landowners

By Rich Taber / July 4, 2010

  NY State and Pennsylvania are home to hundreds of species of birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates.  Many populations of these species are flourishing, such as whitetail deer, raccoons, and Canada geese.  Many other species are not as fortunate and are declining in numbers due to a host of influences such as; exotic…

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