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Blueberries and Bees

By Tom Shultz / July 5, 2021

Army Veteran turned blueberry farmer and beekeeping mentor to other veterans My wife and I started our farm in 2010 by planting 600 blueberry bushes.  I had done a lot of research on blueberries during my deployment overseas the previous year, or a least I thought I did.  The plan was to become more self-sufficient…

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The Organic Seed Grower by John Navazio

“The Organic Seed Grower,” a Comprehensive Manual for the Seasoned or Novice seed Saver

By Robin Hackett / July 5, 2021

John Navazio’s new book provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to saving seed on a commercial scale. One of the first points that John Navazio lays out in his recently released book on seed saving,”The Organic Seed Grower,” is an often overlooked one: “Until very recently, the growing of seed was an integral part of all…

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News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Summer 2021

By Kacey Deamer / July 5, 2021

New Report Summarizes NYS Meat Processor Needs and Perspectives Building a resilient local food system requires sufficient meat processing capacity. The COVID pandemic revealed that NYS did not have the ability to absorb shocks, including increased consumer meat demand, leaving farmers and consumers frustrated and meat processors overwhelmed. In Fall 2020, a team of Cornell…

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Editor’s Letter – Summer 2021

By Kacey Deamer / July 5, 2021

As the summer weather has begun in upstate New York, our team has been spending even more time tending to our farms and gardens. From herbs grown on a window ledge to sheep in the pasture, we’re all watching things grow. There’s even been some nosy neighborhood chickens trying to join our team Zoom meetings.…

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Pasture Soil Compaction: A Slow, but Stealthy Thief of Pasture Productivity

By Fay Benson / July 5, 2021

Soil compaction by grazing animals leads to loss of pore space, which can have tangible impacts on pasture productivity. I had a pasture soil compaction epiphany while working in a St. Lawrence County pasture on a NE SARE-supported project. The project was to plant radishes and other brassicas into established pasture swards. The goal was…

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Red Meat Processing in NYS: Bottleneck in the Local Food Economy

By Erica Frenay / July 5, 2021

By Dr. Mike Baker, Dana Havas, Nancy Glazier, Lynn Bliven, Dr. tatiana Stanton, Erica Frenay  A team of Cornell faculty and Cooperative Extension educators interviewed meat processors in NYS during the COVID pandemic to better understand where there are opportunities to increase capacity and improve the resilience of our local meat industry. Executive Summary  The…

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Grant Expands Cornell Farmworker Program Efforts

By Matt Hayes / July 5, 2021

A $90,000 federal grant has enabled the Cornell Farmworker Program to provide critical resources to non-English speaking farm employees, whose health is critical to the stability of New York State agriculture. As COVID-19 bore down on New York state, the Cornell Farmworker Program used mobile phone technology to provide rapid guidance and clear health information…

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Beef cows looking at camera

Do the Math for Winter Feed Preparation

By Rich Taber / July 5, 2021

In part five of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we look at how much hay you need to plan for winter feeding your beef herd. When you receive this edition of the Small Farm Quarterly in July, we will be in the throes of the summertime grazing season. It…

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csa vegetables

Preserving the History of Organic/Sustainable Agriculture

By Anneliese Abbott / July 5, 2021

Help preserve the history of organic/sustainable agriculture! In the past few years, a confluence of concerns about climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and racial inequities have highlighted many flaws in the American food production and distribution systems, emphasizing the importance of creating more resilient, sustainable systems that can survive changes in an uncertain future. Local,…

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How to Catch a Sheep

By Ulf Kintzel  / July 5, 2021

Think like a sheep and you will be able to catch it. How often have you been outsmarted by a sheep when you tried to catch it? Here is some advice on how to win that battle of minds. Sheep are not stupid like many people claim. In a sheep’s world, all of what it…

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