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Spring 2020

By Kelsie Raucher / April 6, 2020

The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the arrival of the Spring 2020 edition of the Small Farms Quarterly. In this issue, we feature a problem-solving manual offering a step-by-step process for on-farm problem solving and experimentation, part-two of an ocean farming aquaculture series featuring productive, regenerative seaweed farms, and an advice guide…

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Letter from the Editor, Spring 2020

By Anu Rangarajan / April 6, 2020

Never before has our work as farmers and stewards been so important.  In times like these — when uncertainty upsets the daily rhythms of our communities — we agriculturists have the opportunity to tap into timeless rhythms of a new season and deliver on a call to action.   Whether you farm, homestead or garden, you…

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Don’t Judge a Carrot by the Cover

By Petra Page-Mann / April 6, 2020

At first glance, the “Dulcinea” is simply a carrot. But this new variety is so much more, and could outlast us by countless generations. Don’t judge a book by its cover … or a carrot, either. Dulcinea is a new carrot variety, the collaborative vision of a farmer, public plant breeder, a seed company and countless…

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Poisonous Weed Precautions and Management

By Aaron Gabriel / April 6, 2020

Two problematic weeds in our area are the Jimsonweed and Pokeweed.  We have to pay more attention to weeds. There are very problematic weeds moving into our area (water hemp, palmer amaranth—although I have not yet seen any palmer, and horseweed has been here). Machinery can move weed seed from the Midwest to New York,…

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Twinning lambs

Why Twinning in Lambs is a Winning Combination

By Ulf Kintzel  / April 6, 2020

A sheep that twins means increased farm profit.  One of the most productive measures of a ewe is her ability to have twins instead of just having one lamb. A sheep that twins is more likely to make you a profit. A sheep that has consistently just one lamb may cause you to lose money.  So, you would want as many ewes as…

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solar leasing solar panels

Considerations when Leasing Agricultural Lands to Solar Developers

By Michael Nuckols / April 6, 2020

Solar leasing can be a sudden and substantial windfall for landowners, but farmers need to approach such deals with caution.  In July of 2019, Governor Cuomo signed The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which sets a goal for New York State to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. This legislation and related federal…

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specialty mushroom sector figure 21

The Three Sectors of the Specialty Mushroom

By Steve Gabriel / April 6, 2020

Starting an enterprise in specialty mushrooms doesn’t require you to do everything!  When thinking about growing mushrooms it is important to know that most businesses do not do the entire process of cultivation in-house. Depending on the mission and goals of a cultivator, the involvement in each of these processes may change. There are three different sectors…

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Learn to Innovate and Solve Problems on the Farm

By Laurie Drinkwater / April 6, 2020

A new manual written by Cornell University faculty and a team of experienced farmers offers a step-by-step process for on-farm problem solving and experimentation. To thrive, farmers need to adapt to changes that arise on a near-constant basis, including unpredictable weather, new pests, volatile prices, and changing customer preferences. “Problem Solving and Innovation on the…

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SFQ African Rice Farmers Image 2 Tool

African rice farmers test traditions against NY climate

By Krishna Ramanujan / January 13, 2020

In 2013, Nfamara Badjie and his wife, Dawn Hoyte, bought a 6-acre farm in Ulster Park, New York, in the Hudson Valley. They soon realized the fields were muddy – almost wetlands – but Badjie didn’t mind.  “I said, ‘That’s the one I’m looking for, the wetland is good for the rice,’” Badjie said, flashing an easy smile. “Dawn said, ‘No, you can’t…

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On Farm Slaughter Wedding Cow

Farmer Wedding Celebrates with Farm-Raised Cow for Dinner

By Jason Detzel / January 13, 2020

For his wedding, this CCE livestock educator served a cow that was born, raised and slaughtered on their farm.       I recently got married on my farm, in front of my family and friends. To augment that event, we decided to showcase our animal husbandry and respect for our guests by slaughtering a cow onsite and serving it as part of our wedding dinner — this…

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