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A new calf stands by its mother.

Some Considerations for Beef Cattle Calving

By Rich Taber / April 5, 2021

In part four of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we present several management factors for your beef cow-calf herd to take into consideration.  This is the fourth installment in our ongoing series “What’s Your Beef?” to assist new and beginning beef cattle producers. Previous installments can be seen in recent…

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News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Spring 2021

By Kacey Deamer / April 5, 2021

Labor Ready Project Shares Farmers’ Stories  Our Labor Ready seeks to enhance the efficiency and overall success of NYS fruit and vegetable farm businesses through professional development for Ag managers, with a special emphasis on creating opportunities for growth and career development for aspiring Latinx farm employees. In a new video series, we highlight the experience of two NYS farmers as…

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Benjamin Houlton, the Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, stands by some cows in a pasture.

Dean Houlton: Leading Through Extension with Humility and Responsibility

By Katie Baildon / April 5, 2021

A conversation with Dean Benjamin Houlton from the “Extension Out Loud” podcast.  In this episode of “Extension Out Loud,” a podcast by Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), Benjamin Houlton, the Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, shares his journey and his vision for carrying forth Cornell’s Land Grant mission in New York state.     From his midwest agricultural…

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Cows in a dairy barn.

Antibiotic Usage & Pathways

By Betsy Hicks / April 5, 2021

On‐Farm Perspectives from CNY Dairy Producers  Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other emerging contaminants have been gaining attention across agricultural, environmental, and public health sectors. Slowly, we have expanded our understanding of the broader impacts of these compounds and how they can potentially move in our food, water, soil and air. As consumers as well as farmers,…

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NYS Farm Outlook for 2021

By James Dean / April 5, 2021

Experts predict scarce labor and higher wages this year.  New York state farm operators can expect a tight labor market and rising wages in the year ahead, in addition to continued pandemic precautions, debate over immigration reform and potential changes to overtime pay, according to a Cornell agriculture expert.  “Ag labor is going to remain scarce due to ……

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Brush saws can be used to clear subcanopy trees and shrubs.

Clearing a Woodland Understory

By Peter Smallidge / April 5, 2021

Question:  I was visiting a friend’s woodlot last fall. They had logged much of the ash due to Emerald Ash borer and expanded those openings into patches to allow for replanting with walnut. The understory was mostly buckthorn, ironwood, hornbeam and other scrubby species. They cleared the understory, in anticipation of planting, by either scraping…

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Editor’s Letter – Spring 2021

By Kacey Deamer / April 5, 2021

Do you have a story to share? We are looking for new contributors to our magazine, which is for farmers and farm families across the Northeast (and beyond) who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.  We want to hear from you, whether it’s new techniques you are trialing in the field, how…

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Harvest of Generosity

By Chris Knight / April 5, 2021

Cornell alums recognized as Alliance for Science ‘Farmer of the Year’.  As hunger rose in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Rick and Laura Pedersen responded by sharing the bounty of their farm with their local food bank in upstate New York.  “It’s distressing to think about that many people in our community that…

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Why Farmers and Gardeners Need Fear

By Paul Hetzler / April 5, 2021

Fear can be harnessed as a weapon against destructive pests.  No offense, but Franklin D. Roosevelt should maybe bug off with his assertion that “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” because fear is good for gardeners and farmers. According to entomologists Nicholas Aflitto and Jennifer Thaler of the Cornell University-based New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (NYSPIM),…

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Features of Trees Useful for Identification

By Peter Smallidge / January 11, 2021

Learning to identify the trees on your property will help you enjoy and better manage your land.  Woodland owners who learn how to identify the trees and other vegetation on their property are better able to enjoy their land, and will make more informed decisions about their management actions. The terminology associated with dendrology, the study of trees, can be…

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