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SFQ beef stockers grazing

Give Stocker Beef Cattle a Chance

By Rich Taber / April 3, 2023

In part 12 of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we share how stocker cattle can provide a quick, easy way to get into the…

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SFQ weedbank tarps

Tarps, Mulch, and Timing: No-Till Tools to Rob the Weed Seedbank

By Stephen Stresow / April 3, 2023

Research shows how the legacy of tarping and mulching can lead to fewer weeds in no–till vegetables. By Stephen Stresow and Ryan Maher The Woes of Weeding  One of the…

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SFQ farm market saturday

Establishing a Vibrant On-Farm Market 

By Avery MacLean / April 3, 2023

Marketing at Red Wing Farm grew from a farm stand into a community corner-stone.  In the first segment of this three-part series, I wrote about how my partner and I…

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SFQ Futuro Suffolk study

Growing Latino Leadership in Suffolk County with Futuro en Ag

By Mildred Alvarado / April 3, 2023

Something peculiar was happening at the Cornell Small Farms Program’s Futuro en Ag farm management skills course in Suffolk County in January. The flowers set out in the conference room…

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SFQ Futuro Suffolk study

Crece el liderazgo agrícola latino en el condado de Suffolk con Futuro en Ag (Español)

By Mildred Alvarado / April 3, 2023

Ocurría algo peculiar en el curso de desarrollo de liderazgo agrícola de Futuro en Ag de Cornell Small Farms Program, celebrado en enero en el condado de Suffolk. Las flores…

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8 Things to Think About – Farm Diversification and Enterprise Analysis

By Katelyn Walley-Stoll / April 3, 2023

Have you ever had a dream about adding of changing something on your farm, homestead, or business? Here’s what you need to consider.  Have you ever made a decision without…

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SFQ Dorset Sheep

Introduction to Sheep Breeds

By Ulf Kintzel  / January 16, 2023

Where does your sheep breed come from originally? There are many different sheep breeds worldwide. Their many different looks, sizes and production records were shaped by their purpose and by…

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SFQ Goat Yoga

Farmer Veteran Allison Lavine’s Pathway to Farming

By Bailey Colvin / January 6, 2023

Farmer veteran, Allison Lavine, recounts the path that led her from civilian life, to the military, to her current career as a farmer at ZiegenVine Homestead. Since 2014, Allison Lavine…

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News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Fall 2022

By Kacey Deamer / October 3, 2022

Register Now for Our 2022-2023 Online Course Season, Featuring New Courses Are you looking to improve your technical or business skills to benefit your farming operation? The Cornell Small Farms…

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Next Forest Beech Photo 4

Anticipating the Next Forest: Ecology and Management for Sustaining Forests

By Peter Smallidge / October 3, 2022

Consider a long-term time frame to think about private forests specifically and broadly; how they used to look, how they have changed, and visualize what future private forests will provide…

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