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SFQ latinx farmer facilitation

Futuro en Ag (Español)

By Mildred Alvarado / July 4, 2022

Apoyamos la Educación y el Acceso a la Información en Español Gabino Bautista, un agricultor principiante de la región del Valle del Hudson, asiste a clases mensuales como parte del proyecto Futuro en Ag, recibiendo lecciones semanales y motivación de sus compañeros de clase mientras aprende a establecer un sistema de registro financiero de su…

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SFQ vegetable starts donation

Program Donates Vegetable Starts to Underserved Families

By Craig Cramer / July 4, 2022

More than 250 underserved (and often food-insecure) Ithaca-area families have the opportunity to grow some of their own food with help from a Cornell University horticulture research program. It’s that time of year, when New York gardeners are bringing home tomato starts and other vegetables to transplant into their gardens. This season, more than 250…

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SFQ 2022 Soil Field Days Map

New York Soil Health and Partners Announce 2022 Field Day Series

By New York State Soil Health Initiative / July 4, 2022

NY Soil Health Working Group, NY Soil Health Initiative announce 2022 Soil Health and Climate Resiliency Field Day Series. Mark your calendars for ten field days across the state that will focus on principles and practices related to building soil health and climate resiliency on farms. “Soil health field days bring together farmers, agricultural professionals, and researchers…

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SFQ white dorper ram

Buying a Ram for Breeding Purposes

By Ulf Kintzel  / July 4, 2022

Discover what traits to look for in a ram. A German proverb states: “The ram is half the flock.” Since a ram can breed dozens of ewes during a breeding season, his quality is more important than the quality of any individual ewe in that same flock. Yet, the purchase of a ram is for…

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SFQ solar grazing sheep

Solar Grazing Project Combines Renewable Energy and Agriculture

By Daniella Garcia Almeida / July 4, 2022

Solar energy developers and farmers need land to operate, and a Cornell research project aims to demonstrate how co-locating solar arrays on farmland can be an environmentally friendly way to benefit both the renewable energy and agriculture industries. In 2019 the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act set a goal to reach 70% renewable energy in New…

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SFQ leaf roll

Vine Removal Technique Foils Devastating Grape Disease

By Jim Catalano / July 4, 2022

There’s no cure for leafroll disease, but scientists at Cornell AgriTech have documented a new technique that can reduce the incidence of leafroll disease in commercial vineyards. Removing not only a diseased grapevine but the two vines on either side of it can reduce the incidence of leafroll disease, a long-standing bane of vineyards around…

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SFQ brook trout

Brook Trout Hook for Cornell Climate Change Research and Extension Outreach

By CCE Staff / July 4, 2022

Brook trout are so adapted to their native environment of the cool, clean, fresh waters of the Adirondacks, they’re also incredibly sensitive to change. By CCE Staff In 1975, New York officially recognized the brook trout as the state fish. A favorite of anglers and a symbol of the pristine upstate wilderness, this species also…

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SFQ latinx farmer facilitation

Futuro en Ag (English)

By Mildred Alvarado / July 4, 2022

In-person Training to Online Courses to Resources All Spanish-First Gabino Bautista, a beginner farmer from the Hudson Valley region, attends monthly classes as part of the Futuro en Ag project, receiving weekly lessons and encouragement, while learning to establish a farm financial record keeping system. Gabino, like all farmers, works hard to grow his farm…

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hand harvesting apple from tree

New York State Farm Directory Launching in June 2022

By Kacey Deamer / June 1, 2022

As part of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s role in strengthening New York State agriculture, we are helping to spread word of the New York State Department of Agriculture’s plans to launch a statewide online Farm Directory. The Farm Directory, which launches in mid-June, will connect consumers to producers of farm products and promote New York farms.…

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Gardening Days 01

A Call to Stand in Solidarity with Buffalo Food Justice Advocates and Partners

By Kacey Deamer / May 18, 2022

We stand with our neighbors in Buffalo as we collectively grieve the lives lost and process the horror of Saturday’s mass shooting by a white supremacist targeting Black residents while they shopped at a neighborhood grocery store. Please consider sharing this media advisory, co-created by Food For the Spirit and other Black-led organizations in New York State,…

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