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Confidently Hosting a Farm Tour – What’s Your “Why Bother”?

By Katelyn Walley-Stoll / October 7, 2019

Let’s face it. You probably didn’t go into farming to wear 25+ hats every day – ranging from accountant to mechanic, nutritionist to human resources manager, and electrician to professional…

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A Brief History of the Pig in the United States

By Jason Detzel / October 7, 2019

From a few pigs brought over on a ship to the estimated 5 million pigs currently residing in the U.S., we explore the brief and fascinating history of how and…

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brush hot ten foot drawbar hydraulics

Brush Hogs and Rotary Cutters: Multi-purpose Tools for the Small Farm

By Rich Taber / October 7, 2019

Brush hogs can knock down vegetation and weeds in a timely manner, and have several very useful purposes. Small farmers of necessity must accumulate a certain amount of machinery to…

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NY Integrated Pest Management Warns: Don’t Get Ticked

By Kelsie Raucher / December 6, 2018

Ticks have become a “significant public health issue in New York” and the population has recently spiked. A warming climate and changes in land use can increase risk to tick exposure. Ticks are…

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Today We Celebrate National Farmers Day and #ThankaFarmer

By Kacey Deamer / October 12, 2018

Today, October 12th, is National Farmers Day. While we think every day should be National Farmers Day, the day is meant to raise awareness about the farmers behind our nation’s…

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The Law of Diminishing Returns – How Farms Know When They’ve Reached It

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Betsy Hicks, South Central New York Dairy & Field Crops Today’s economy has every producer struggling to find ways to increase cash flow. We fill stalls, add a few…

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10 Animal Welfare Perception Reality by Kimberly Morrill PhD 18gec9v

Animal Welfare: Perception and Reality

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Kimberley Morrill, phD Do you think cows have emotions? Do you think cows feel pain? Do animals exhibit empathy, sympathy and compassion? These were the questions asked to the…

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6 Milking Cleanliness by Miriah Reynolds 1k2r85l

Milking Cleanliness

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

Improve hand milking cleanliness for small ruminants with these few simple techniques By Miriah Reynolds The morning sun sneaks up and over the tall peak of the mountains as I open…

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1 Growing Urban A Lower West Side Story by Lynnette Wright 1k444te

Growing Urban – a Lower West Side Story

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

Two farmers are committed to providing the Buffalo, NY community with a variety of produce. By Lynnette Wright, New York FSA Public Affairs and Outreach Specialist A Perfect Blend  Prior…

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cows grazing in vermont

Kids, Cows and Conservation at Vermont’s Chapman Family Farm

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Rebecca Harris In 1914, Sylvestor Howe packed up his horses, left behind his family and small brick house in Tunbridge, Vermont, to travel 90 miles to the big city…

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