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maple tapping lines cornell photo

Study Measures Maple Syrup Production in a Changing Climate

By Anna Birn / October 8, 2019

A changing climate is expected to change the seasonality of crops, largely affecting farmers’ production patterns and yearly cycles. This impact on crops also includes maple syrup production, according to…

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Maple and Birch Tapping Research Responds to Variable Climate

By Kacey Deamer / December 12, 2018

The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program has posted a research update with data to help maple and birch syrup producers respond to variable climate conditions. “Maple, and now birch,…

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Conference Spotlight: SFP Presenting in Early 2019

By Kelsie Raucher / December 3, 2018

The Cornell Small Farms Program will be attending several conferences in early 2019. From presentations of our research to special events, you can connect with the our team and fellow…

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Local Farms Trial Tarping for Reduced Tillage Research

By Haley Rylander / October 15, 2018

As the growing season winds down, Haley Rylander, a masters student working with the reduced tillage project of the Cornell Small Farms Program, has been visiting with farmers who have…

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Small Farms Staff to Present at “Farmer to Farmer” Conference

By Kelsie Raucher / October 15, 2018

If you head out to the Homer C. Thompson Research Farm in Freeville, NY, you’ll find a field filled with permanent beds in the organic section of the farm. These…

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Handbook Offers How-To and Tools for Reduced Tillage

By Kacey Deamer / October 11, 2018

If you’re interested in improving your farm’s soil health, reduced tillage may be the answer. Reduced tillage practices can minimize soil disturbance by using less intensity, going shallower, and restricting…

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10 Animal Welfare Perception Reality by Kimberly Morrill PhD 18gec9v

Animal Welfare: Perception and Reality

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Kimberley Morrill, phD Do you think cows have emotions? Do you think cows feel pain? Do animals exhibit empathy, sympathy and compassion? These were the questions asked to the…

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5 Rotational Grazing How Often Should I Rotate by Ulf Kintzel 18hl0pn

Rotational Grazing: How Often Should I Rotate?

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Ulf Kintzel Failure in grass-fed sheep enterprises is still very common. I hear about it often since I am the one being asked why it failed. Among the many…

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1 Growing Urban A Lower West Side Story by Lynnette Wright 1k444te

Growing Urban – a Lower West Side Story

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

Two farmers are committed to providing the Buffalo, NY community with a variety of produce. By Lynnette Wright, New York FSA Public Affairs and Outreach Specialist A Perfect Blend  Prior…

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15 Tipsheet Transitioning to Organic Management of Orchards by Guy Ames ATTA 187b1pf

Tipsheet: Transitioning to Organic Management of Orchards

By Kelsie Raucher / October 5, 2018

By Guy Ames, ATTRA  Organic certification verifies that fruit is produced according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic standards. See for details of the standards. In general, the…

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