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Futuro Project Celebrates Latino Community Leadership

By Mildred Alvarado / October 3, 2022

The Futuro en Ag Project team and our partners have had a very busy summer. [Vea este artículo en Español] Our teamwork with our collaborators, farmers, service providers and the community at large has kept us proudly working toward our goal of supporting Latino farmers through access to information in Spanish and appropriate educational tools…

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Lean Management: Practical Applications and Challenges on Dairy Farms

By Mary Kate MacKenzie / October 3, 2022

Real world examples illustrate how farmers can implement Lean Management to reduce waste and streamline production activities. By Barry Putnam & Mary Kate MacKenzie Lean Management is a systematic approach to analyze and continuously improve the flow of information, materials, and work in a manufacturing environment. Lean systems maximize production efficiency by minimizing waste and disruptions.…

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Onion Photo Chronicle

NY Onion Growers Can Keep Yields while Cutting Chemical Use

By Sarah Thompson / October 3, 2022

A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s producers to cut their use of synthetic chemicals without sacrificing yield. By Sarah Thompson A surprise finding from new research on controlling pests and disease in New York commercial onion fields will enable the state’s…

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Proyecto Futuro Celebra el Liderazgo de la Comunidad Latina

By Mildred Alvarado / October 3, 2022

El equipo del Proyecto Futuro en Ag y nuestros aliados hemos tenido un verano muy ocupado. [Read this article in English] Nuestro trabajo en equipo con nuestros colaboradores, productores, proveedores de servicios y la comunidad en general nos ha mantenido trabajando con orgullo hacia nuestro objetivo de apoyar a los agricultores Latinos a través del…

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NYS, Cornell launch new grapevine certification program

By Sarah Thompson / October 3, 2022

A revitalized grapevine certification program to provide growers in New York and North America with clean, virus-tested plant material verified by the most stringent testing standards in the world. By Sarah Thompson The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (AGM), in partnership with Cornell AgriTech, has launched a revitalized grapevine certification program to provide…

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SFQ silvopasture fencing

Assessing Woodlands for Silvopasture

By Brett Chedzoy / July 4, 2022

Silvopasture is a land-management system that simultaneously focuses on the sustainable and integrated production of trees, forage and livestock. By Brett Chedzoy and Peter Smallidge There are examples in New York and the Northeast for the use of almost all types of livestock including poultry, small ruminants such as sheep or goats, and larger ruminants…

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Editor’s Letter – 2022 Summer Small Farms Quarterly

By Anu Rangarajan / July 4, 2022

Dear farmers and friends, “No one should lose their lives while shopping for food,” as stated in the media advisory we share in this issue, co-created by Food For the Spirit and other Black-led organizations in New York State to call for an end to white supremacy, white nationalism and anti-blackness. The Small Farms Program’s Equity and…

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SFQ veteran cohort pigs

Farm Ops’ Cohort Learning Sessions Bring Veterans Together to Talk Ag

By Nina Saeli / July 4, 2022

During the Small Farm Program’s online course season, Farm Ops, our military veteran project, provided veterans with free enrollment into select on-line courses and conducted veteran learning cohort sessions to supplement the course material. It is commonly known that military veterans are drawn towards opportunities to learn and train together, but in early 2020 when…

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SFQ beef grazing rope fencing

Some Fencing and Grazing Considerations for Beef Cattle

By Rich Taber / July 4, 2022

In part nine of our “What’s Your Beef?” series on raising cattle on small farms, we share grazing experiences that has been learned about and adapted over the years. In this installment I am going to highlight some of the grazing experiences that I have learned about and adapted over the years. In the grazing…

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SFQ food forests planting

Cornell Garden-Based Learning Sets Sights on Food Forests

By Hannah Rae Warren / July 4, 2022

New Food Forest Trial Garden Project will support the development of edible perennial landscapes for new audiences. Food Forests, also known as Edible Forests, sees community growers cultivating edible perennial plants, such as fruit and nut trees, berries, roots and flowers etc. in an arrangement that is functional, productive, and often aesthetically pleasing. This is…

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