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Krisy Gashler is a freelance writer for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
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Electric Sheep: Grazing in Arrays Supports Economy, Climate

By Krisy Gashler / January 10, 2022

Sunlight is a precious resource in Central New York and a new collaboration between farmers and Cornell is looking at ways to harness it using technology that truly puts the soft in software: sheep. As industrial-sized solar installations pop up throughout New York state, residents fear the loss of agricultural land. Lexie Hain ’99 has…

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Weathering Change: Cornell CALS Helps New York Farmers Adapt

By Krisy Gashler / April 1, 2019

Climatic changes are disrupting the entire farm cycle, from forcing delays in planting to reducing yields when the crops do grow. In the autumn of 2018, unusually heavy rainfall — almost 8 inches above the norm — interfered with harvests. The year before, a late spring frost killed off most of the strawberry crop. And…

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