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Elderberry and Beyond: New Options for River Lands in the Northeast

By Liz Brownlee / June 28, 2013

Riparian buffer plantings can reap rewards for nature and business. By Liz Brownlee and Connor Stedman Stan Ward springs into his greenhouse full of excitement, eager to show off elderberry cuttings. He’s growing elderberry, Echinacea, and other perennial medicinals on his upland farm in central Vermont, but these elderberries are bound for lower ground. This year,…

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Any Help at All Would Have Been Better Than the Help I Have Got

By / June 11, 2013

By Jan Andrews If you are going to have horses and live on a farm, you are going to be harvesting hay. Putting away hay is a thankless job. It is hot, heavy, repetitive work. The hay scratches and, every now and then, a real treat comes your way when you get a bale containing…

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Conservation Success on Full Moon Farm

By Andrea Brendalen / March 27, 2013

by Andrea Brendalen and John M. Thursgood Full Moon Farm is a NOFA-Certified Organic farm run by husband and wife, David Zuckerman and Rachel Nevitt.  The farm started in 1999 at the Intervale Center in Burlington, Vermont.  The two purchased their 155-acre piece of land located in Hinesburg, Vermont in 2008 and began farming there…

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Happy Cows, Healthy Fish

By Carley Stein / October 1, 2012

Gordon Waite, a man with a friendly demeanor and steady smile, manages twenty Herefords on his 67-acre farm situated in Granville, Vermont. Gordon cannot picture himself doing anything besides farming. “I love farming, and I love my animals,” Gordon proudly announced, an honest statement he demonstrated by calling each of his cows from a distance…

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Off the Ground: Conservation Program Promotes both Hay Yield and Bird Habitat

By Toby Alexander / April 2, 2012

  In our last two “Stewardship and Nature” columns, the National Audubon Society described the partnership they have had with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and landowners to facilitate the management of wildlife habitat to promote avian species (birds). In this article Toby Alexander explains the process used to develop an agronomic practice and financial…

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Photo Feature: Remembering Summer’s Bounty

By Rachel Whiteheart / January 9, 2012

Welcome to our new photo essay feature!   For 2012, we’ll be bringing you seasonal images from the Whole Systems Design Research Farm in the Mad River Valley region of Vermont.  The farm is a demonstration site to test out regenerative food, fuel, and shelter systems that operate on current solar energy.  Learn more about the…

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Farmscapes For Birds, Part 2

By Margaret Fowle / January 9, 2012

Audubon Vermont is working with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) on two exciting programs, called the Forest Bird Initiative (FBI) and Champlain Valley Bird Initiative (CVBI). Both programs engage landowners in managing their land to protect a number of priority bird species in the region. Through these programs, forest, shrubland, and grass landowners are…

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Farmscapes for Birds

By Margaret Fowle / October 3, 2011

This article is the first in a two-part series.  In the winter article I will highlight some real-life success stories of working with landowners in partnership with NRCS and Audubon Vermont. Audubon Vermont is working with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) on two exciting programs, called the Forest Bird Initiative (FBI) and Champlain Valley…

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The Wonder of Life

By Bill Duesing / July 4, 2011

This will be the fifth and last in a series of essays penned by Bill Duesing and edited by Suzanne Duesing from the book Living on the Earth: Eclectic Essays for a Sustainable and Joyful Future.  It is fitting that we have looped around from one year to the next and have begun another as…

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Farm Ponds: Strategies for Multiple Functions

By Ben Falk / July 4, 2011

Ponds have been a part of the working landscape since agriculture emerged.  Since water is the basis of productive biological systems, retaining and distributing this storehouse of fertility and life within a landscape is key to the success of any operation. The climate, topography, soils, and access to machinery and cheap energy (for now) in…

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