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Prudent Carnivore: Chicken, Inside and Out

By Shannon Hayes / April 4, 2010

Often, one of the first forays customers make into the world of farm-direct meat buying is pastured poultry.  From the viewpoint of a farmer, nothing could be simpler (or cheaper) to bring home to the kitchen.  During the morning rush at our farmers’ market, I tend to grab the plump birds, bag them up, total…

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Growing Mushrooms for Fun and Profit

By Rebecca Hargrave / April 4, 2010

  In the Fall 2009 issue of Small Farms Quarterly, Mike Farrell wrote an introductory article on some agroforestry topics, including maple syrup production and nuts. There are dozens of other crops that can be farmed in the understory of a forest including ginseng, floral and ornamental crops, specialty wood products, fruits, and mushrooms. Most…

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Yes, Cows Eat Weeds!

By Nancy Glazier / April 4, 2010

Learn from Kathy Voth’s work The Northeast Pasture Consortium (NEPC) Annual Meeting was held in January this year inVermont. The weather can be questionable at best in January, but it cooperated this year. The latest pasture research was presented by universities, agencies and producers at the two-day conference. Many great projects were shared and lots…

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Refugees Build Farms and Community in Manchester, NH

By Kenston Dearborn / April 4, 2010

  The Somali Bantu Community Association of New Hampshire (SBCA-NH) is working with Southern New Hampshire Services (SNHS) to create a hands-on agricultural program for refugees living in Manchester.  Many Somali Bantu and other refugee groups have found the current economy difficult to navigate and often hard to get healthy food into their homes.  SBCA-NH’s…

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Cornell Small Farms Update- Spring 2010

By Rachel Whiteheart / April 4, 2010

3rd Small Farm Summit a SuccessThis past winter, the Small Farms Program hosted our 3rd NYS Small Farms Summit. Over 130 people gathered at 4 video-linked sites across the state on March 4, 2010. The theme for this Summit was ‘Designing Smart Solutions for NY Farms.’ Farmers, educators, faculty and other service providers prioritized key…

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There is More Than One Way to Milk a Cow

By Fay Benson / April 4, 2010

New Zealanders Change the Dairy Paradigm in Missouri The contrast between a U.S. dairy management style and the New Zealand grazing dairy approach was easy to see at a grazing conference in Missouri this past summer.  New Zealand-styled grazing dairies focus on intensive pasture management, rather than milk production, to lower costs and achieve profits.Missouri…

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Farmers Share Friendship and Knowledge at Dairy Profit Discussion Groups

By Kathy Barrett / April 4, 2010

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard farmers say after a dairy meeting or event that the best part of the program was talking to the other farmers over lunch or during the break.  It’s clear that farmers find tremendous value in talking to other farmers about their practices and experiences on…

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