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New Kind of Old Fashioned Seed Company

By Jill Swenson / July 4, 2010

  The “buy local” and “grow your own” movements have gone mainstream. Yet, until now you couldn’t find a single seed company within 150 miles of Ithaca, NY, that sold seeds labeled locally grown. It makes a difference in the yield and bounty when the seed is suited to the local climate, soils, pests, fungi,…

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The Best Tool in the Beginning Small Farmer’s Toolbox: Mentorship

By Melissa Madden / July 4, 2010

  Starting my own farm has provided me with all of the expected opportunities to manage everything from soil fertility to accounting.  It is also a time for personal growth- to acknowledge my ideals and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, to humble myself before the project at hand, and to form real ties with a…

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Incredible Innovations from Overseas: Introducing the Japanese Paper Pot Transplanter

By Erica Frenay / July 4, 2010

  Incredible Innovations from Overseas: Introducing the Japanese Paper-Pot Transplanter If I said you could put 264 transplants in the ground in less than a minute all by yourself, with no motorized equipment, and no stooping and bending, you’d probably tell me I was full of… bunk. Or something worse. But it’s true, and the…

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How to Get Started with Sheep

By Ulf Kintzel  / July 4, 2010

Let’s assume you have a parcel of land. You would like to get started but you don’t know how. Here is an outline. Pasture. If your parcel of land is a hayfield or has existing vegetation but there are lots of weeds, work with it. Don’t plow it up unless you have some extra money…

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From Bats to Biodiesel, Hunt Country Vineyards Saves Energy & Dollars

By Adrienne Masler / July 4, 2010

Priorities and Strategies As sixth-generation stewards of their Branchport, NY land, the Hunt family is invested in doing what it takes to care for their land.  Their interest in stewardship and sustainability go hand-in-hand with their interest in saving money and energy.  “We want to still operate when the power goes out,” says Art Hunt. …

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Flower Farm Cultivates Community and Imagination through Hands-on Classes

By Violet Stone / July 4, 2010

Over her 20+ years selling flowers at farmers markets in the Saratoga Springs, NY region, Barbara Jefts of Native Farm Flowers has seen many bright eyed customers admiring her wild and earthy arrangements.  “I’d love to learn how to do that!” customers exclaimed as they peered closely at her unique creations.  But although Barbara welcomed…

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Producing Natural Meat for Local Consumers in Connecticut

By Jean King / July 4, 2010

  Welcome to the Northeast SARE Spotlight! SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) offers grants to farmers, educators, universities and communities that are working to make agriculture more sustainable – economically, environmentally, and socially. Learn about whether a SARE grant would be a good fit for you. Interest in natural, local meats is growing in…

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Dairy Farm Pushes the Limits: Grass and Genetics at Dharma lea farm

By Paul Van Amburgh / July 4, 2010

Dairy farmers are suffering in the midst of dairy’s worst financial crash ever. With the very existence of the family dairy farm in question, 2010 promises many foreclosures, for both conventional and organic farms. As dairy farmers, my wife Phyllis and I understand that we do not control the greater economy or the price we…

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Cornell Small Farms Update- Sumer 2010

By Rachel Whiteheart / July 4, 2010

Small Farms Program Welcomes New Staff Small farms are a growing audience across the Northeast, and the Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce we are greatly expanding our educational services and support to small and beginning farmers with the addition of two new staff. Thanks to a recent grant award from the USDA,…

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Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies Developed for Landowners

By Rich Taber / July 4, 2010

  NY State and Pennsylvania are home to hundreds of species of birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates.  Many populations of these species are flourishing, such as whitetail deer, raccoons, and Canada geese.  Many other species are not as fortunate and are declining in numbers due to a host of influences such as; exotic…

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