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Martha Herbert Izzi is a writer and farmer at Bel Lana Farm in Shrewsbury, Vermont.
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What Makes Vermont’s Award-Winning Cheese Engine Run?

By Martha Herbert Izzi / October 1, 2012

  Vermont holds the brass ring as the premier state hosting the most artisan and farmstead cheese makers per capita in the country. Not bad for a little place with…

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New Uses for Old Barns: Reframing the Venerable Red Vermont Landmark

By Martha Herbert Izzi / June 27, 2012

Vermont’s red barn, once the hallmark of the small family dairy farm, is now the centerpiece of a changing agricultural landscape. It is being reframed and reformed for new, often…

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Boat-to-Fork Community Supported Fisheries Riding a Wave

By Martha Herbert Izzi / October 3, 2011

We are pleased to introduce the community supported fisheries model in this edition and to feature two of the producers and one distributor who are creating the roadmap for direct…

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The Tale of the Tunis – Sheep Once Rare Now in Demand

By Martha Herbert Izzi / April 2, 2011

It is difficult to be objective when you’re in love.   And I confess to have fallen in love with the Tunis sheep breed nearly twenty-five years ago.   A time when…

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On the Danger List: The Saga to Save the Randall Lineback Cattle Breed

By Martha Herbert Izzi / January 9, 2011

If passion on the part of a few dedicated champions is the key ingredient to saving a “critically endangered” heritage cattle breed then the Randall Lineback (aka Randall) has a…

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Community (Tax-Supported) Farms – A Massachusetts Sampler

By Martha Herbert Izzi / July 4, 2010

  A net increase in farms?  Nationwide?  Who would have thought? But it’s true.  For so long we have been treated to the demise of farms and farming while the…

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