Winter 2020


The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the arrival of the Winter 2020 edition of the Small Farms Quarterly.

In this issue, we feature stories about a veteran’s career change into farming, a young farmer’s journey into mushroom cultivation (published in both English and Spanish) and a how-to rate your record-keeping system, complete with tips to improve.

You can read articles from the Winter 2020 Quarterly online now. Or if you’d rather flip through the articles in a magazine format, take a look at our online reader to peruse this issue or feel free to download the PDF version of the Quarterly.

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Cornell Small Farms Program Update

News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Winter 2020

CCE News

To Grow, or Not to Grow Row Barley? by Christian Malsatzki

Farmer Wedding Celebrates with Farm-Raised Cow for Dinner by Jason Detzel

Making WAVES! by Elizabeth Buck


CCE connects local farms, foodies through Taste NY by James Dean

African rice farmers test traditions against NY climate by Krishna Ramanujan

Featured Articles

Veterans’ Reflections on Farms Ops by Nina Saeli

Growing Mushrooms: Young Farmer Discovers a New Passion by Amy Wu

Cultivo de setas: una agricultora joven descubre una nueva pasión by Amy Wu

Rate Your Recordkeeping System by Mary Kate Wheeler


Additional Articles

How Long Do Seeds Last? by Petra Page-Mann

USDA Puts Northeast Organic Dairies at a Disadvantage by Fay Benson

It Takes a Conservation Partnership  by Amy Overstreet

Touched by an Angel: Disaster Averted! by Rich Taber

Grazing Goats with Your Flock of Sheep by Ulf Kintzel

Building a Climate Resilient Small Farm by Sarah Ficken