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Farm Ops Application: BF101 Starting at Square One

By Nina Saeli / August 20, 2021

This is an application is closed. Please view our Farm Ops Event Series page to see upcoming opportunities for veterans.  

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In the News: Our Logs to NYC Program Sets Sail with Sail Freight Ship Apollonia

By Delia Guilbert / August 13, 2021

Our Specialty Mushroom project’s new Logs to NYC effort, which connects New York City-based mushroom growers with resources from upstate, recently partnered with the Apollonia, a sail freight ship, to transport logs for their mushroom classes into the city. This maiden voyage of Logs to NYC was featured in an article from Civil Eats. The…

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Reconnecting with Purpose Program Welcomes Applicants

By Violet Stone / August 9, 2021

As farm and food system educators or change makers working alongside rural and urban farm communities, we face enormous challenges to our efforts to support improved livelihoods of those we serve. While we may design focused educational programs or convene groups to work towards change, our work can become daunting. Over time, we may find…

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New Mushroom Project Partnership Sails Logs Downstream to NYC

By Steve Gabriel / August 1, 2021

On July 24 our Specialty Mushroom project’s Logs to NYC effort held a kickoff event with The Mushroom Shed at the Hudson River Maritime Museum to teach 25 participants how to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs and oyster mushrooms on cardboard and coffee grounds. Participants also helped load about 275 oak and maple logs onto the Schooner…

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Be Well July Letter: The Role of Listening Communication on the Farm

By Violet Stone / July 9, 2021

Dear farming and earth-tending friends, We are thinking of you during these hot and humid July days.  Hope you are finding some moments for rest, especially in the cool evening breeze. Our theme this month is “Communication on the Farm”.  We offered several workshops on this topic over the winter and spaces filled early, which…

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Shiitake Mushroom Logs Headed to NYC via the Schooner Apollonia Sailboat

By Steve Gabriel / July 6, 2021

For thousands of years, mushrooms have been grown on hardwood logs from sustainably managed forest lands. Their origins trace to parts of China, Korea, and Japan. Shiitake cultivation on logs is one of the oldest known forms of agriculture. Today, log cultivation is increasingly rare, replaced by technology and now many shiitake in the US…

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June Letter: Taking Care of Our Bodies

By Violet Stone / June 9, 2021

Dear farming and earth-tending friends, It occurred to us that we didn’t properly introduce our monthly letter yet!  If you opened our email last month, you might have wondered what these letters are all about.  We hope to offer you monthly inspiration, words of wisdom and encouragement, and practical ideas to support wellness and connection…

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Webinar Gatherings to Explore Intersection of Fungi and Community

By Steve Gabriel / June 8, 2021

Join our network of Community Mushroom Educators for a series of events this summer where we will collectively explore and discuss elements of fungi and their past, present, and future impacts on a wide range of communities in society. As this growing industry develops, it is critical that we ensure that everyone has access to…

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Be Well May Letter: Self Care

By Violet Stone / May 6, 2021

Dear Be Well Farmer and Earth-worker Friends, We imagine you are likely thoroughly immersed in the demands of the Spring season.  Birthing livestock, seeding ground, transplanting starts, fixing tools or machinery, onboarding CSA customers, starting deliveries, and the list goes on…. It can be overwhelming to edge out of the quieter, restful winter months to…

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Farm Ops Opens Next Round of Veteran Learning Cohort Workshops

By Kacey Deamer / April 1, 2021

Our Farm Ops project is continuing to find ways to support veterans interested in agriculture amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Recently the project expanded its offering of virtual workshops to “Veteran Learning Cohorts.” These cohorts bring together a group of veterans interested in agriculture to progress through an educational workshop together. Military veterans currently enrolled…

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