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Value Added Products

By Anna Birn / February 18, 2020

Value Added Products H. Dehydrating Mushrooms Mushrooms that are poor quality, or that a grower is unable to sell, are perfect for any number of value-added products. Shiitake is excellent as a dried product, and is easy to dry. Additionally, recent research from Penn State and Paul Stamets has also discovered some compelling arguments that…

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Post-Harvesting Handling

By Anna Birn / January 27, 2020

Section 1: Post Harvest Handling While many growers focus heavily on the technical aspects of production, it is the post-harvest handling and sales that counts in making for a profitable enterprise. Specialty mushrooms are defined as any species other than the Agaricus bisporus (button, crimini, portabella), which accounts for over 90% of the current US…

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Harvest to Market Guide

By Anna Birn / January 22, 2020

Harvest to Market Guide DEVELOPING A VIABLE SPECIALTY MUSHROOM ENTERPRISE Download the Harvest to Market Guide PDF Section 1: Post Harvest Handling a. Safety & Sanitation b. Harvest, Cleaning, & Storing c. Grading d. Weighing e. Packaging & Labeling f. Pricing g. Guidance for Wild Mushroom Sale in NYS  (coming soon)         …

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indoor mushroom harvest

Free Webinar Series Will Teach Commercial Specialty Mushroom Production

By Steve Gabriel / January 22, 2020

Learn to develop and implement a business plan for growing mushrooms commercially with an upcoming webinar series from our Specialty Mushrooms project and our project partner Fungi Ally. The webinars will cover an introduction to mushrooms farming, including details on grow rooms, methods of cultivation and economics of mushroom growing. Through this webinars, you will…

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Buying and Selling Logs for Mushroom Production

By Steve Gabriel / January 21, 2020

With demand for log-grown shiitake mushrooms on the rise in New York, many landowners, loggers, and firewood dealers have the opportunity to provide high quality “bolts” for cultivation and benefit from an additional income stream from their woodlots. Bolts can get between two to three times the price per cord when compared to processed firewood.…

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New Community Mushroom Educator Program Offered in 2020

By Steve Gabriel / January 10, 2020

Join our new network of educators to learn how to grow and sell mushrooms, and teach these skills in the community you serve. With support from USDA-SARE and USDA-AFRI, Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Cornell Small Farms Program is partnering with Just Food, Farm School NYC, and Grow NYC to offer a two-year Community Mushroom…

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Community Mushroom Educator Training Program

By Steve Gabriel / December 4, 2019

Community Mushroom Educator Training Program Cultures around the world have long valued mushrooms as a vital source of nutrition and healing for centuries. Both a food and a medicine, mushrooms are easy to grow at home and on gardens and farms, with minimal startup costs and materials that many may already have on hand. For…

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Don’t Miss Our Last Monthly Mushroom Webinar of the Year

By Steve Gabriel / November 12, 2019

As the year comes to an end, there is still time to join one more installment of our Specialty Mushroom project’s free monthly webinar series. On Tuesday, November 19, the topic of financial planning for mushroom enterprises will be covered with our mushroom project specialist, Steve Gabriel, and Faith Gilbert of Letterbox Farm Collective. You…

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oyster mushrooms

Specialty Mushroom Project Expands to Serve Diverse Urban and Rural Growers

By Steve Gabriel / October 7, 2019

Interest in specialty mushrooms (defined as any non-button variety) from both farmers and consumers is growing rapidly, with demand increasing by 4% annually in the U.S. Given the flexible scale of production systems, mushrooms are well positioned for production by a diverse range of small and mid-sized farmers in urban and rural settings. With funding…

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Mushroom Expert Offers Series of Educational Events

By Steve Gabriel / September 23, 2019

The Cornell Small Farms Program is welcoming mushroom expert Tradd Cotter to Ithaca, NY, for a number of events that will share how mushrooms can integrate into agriculture, medicine, sustainability and more. Join us the second week of October to learn from Cotter, a microbiologist, professional mycologist, and organic gardener from South Carolina.  Cotter and…

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