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September Mushroom Webinar to Feature Oyster on Straw Cultivation

Next Wednesday, September 4, marks the lastest installment of Cornell Small Farms Program’s specialty mushroom project’s free monthly webinar series.  Held from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST, this month’s webinar includes an overview of cultivation methods for oyster mushrooms on straw, with Steve Gabriel of the Small Farms Program. The second half of the webinar will feature Willie Cross of Fungi Ally, who will be share his experience building a mushroom enterprise. Also, there will be a special announcement of a new project to support mushroom growers. 

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Our specialty mushroom project supports new and existing mushroom growers in all aspects of production, marketing, and sales through ongoing research and education efforts. Learn more about the project’s efforts on CornellMushrooms.org. Here you will also find factsheets, videos, and free guidebooks as well as a directory of suppliers and a grower network email list.

These free webinars occur on the first Wednesday of each month, and will be recorded and posted for later viewing on the Cornell Small Farms Program’s YouTube channel.

Watch last month’s webinar to learn about the ways mushroom can help solve complex social and environmental challenges facing both urban and rural communities from Yolanda Gonzalez of CCE Harvest NY and Steve Gabriel with the Cornell Small Farms Program.

Also, hear from Jesse Marksohn of Fungal Forest about the efficacy of low-impact outdoor mushroom farming.

Kelsie Raucher

Kelsie is from southwest Missouri and grew up on a 150-acre farm helping her family buy and sell horses and cattle. She credits FFA for finding her passion for agriculture and food issues and desiring a career as an “agvocate.” Since coming to Cornell, she has gained interest in local production, global food issues, and environmental impacts of and on agriculture. She joined the Cornell Small Farms Program in May of 2018 and is excited to gain experience to complement coursework in the Agricultural Sciences major and Communication major.