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Selling Wild Mushrooms in New York State

By Steve Gabriel / August 26, 2020

Guidance Document for Sale of Wild Harvested Mushrooms in NY Updated 8/26/20 For residents of other states, we recommend checking with your local and state health department and/or agriculture department about regulations before selling wild harvested mushrooms.   Summary This document provides guidance on the latest perspective of New York State regulatory authorities with regard…

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Methods of Commercial Mushroom Cultivation in the Northeastern United States

By Anna Birn / May 6, 2020

Methods of Commercial Cultivation in the Northeastern United States Download the Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Book Table of Contents  Mission, Goals, and Strategies Seven Stages of Cultivation A. Strain selection B. Substrate preparation C. Inoculation D.  Incubation E. Initiation F. Fruiting G.  Harvest Cultivating Indoors vs. Outdoors Four methods of Commercial Cultivation A. Shiitake on Logs…

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5. Using Mushrooms to Solve Community Challenges

By Anna Birn / April 28, 2020

5. Using Mushrooms to Solve Community Challenges Mushrooms, as an organism, as well as in the context of production for sales or sustenance, offer several unique qualities that leave them poised them to solve a range of community challenges in both rural and urban settings. Nutritious Food and Medicine Many communities face malnutrition and lack…

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4. Three Sectors of the Specialty Mushroom Industry

By Anna Birn / April 27, 2020

4. Three Sectors of the Specialty Mushroom Industry When thinking about growing mushrooms it is important to know that most businesses do not do the entire process of cultivation in-house. Depending on the mission and goals of a cultivator, the involvement in each of these processes may change. There are three different sectors of the…

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3. Defining the Specialty Mushroom Industry

By Anna Birn / April 22, 2020

3. Defining the Specialty Mushroom Industry Specialty mushrooms are defined by USDA as any species not belonging to the genus Agaricus (button, crimini, portabella). The most common specialty mushrooms are shiitake (Lentinula edodes) and oyster (Pleuterous ostreatus), which represent the second and third most produced mushrooms in the United States (USDA-NASS, 2018). The Past The…

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2. Mycology 101

By Anna Birn / April 22, 2020

2. Mycology 101 : Mushroom Life Cycle   In North America, button, crimini, and portobello (Agaricus bisporus) are the most commonly cultivated mushrooms, making up 92% of mushroom production. (USDA-NASS, 2018) All other species of “edible” mushrooms are considered specialty mushrooms. Of the thousands of species in this category, a very small amount are cultivated,…

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Specialty Mushroom Cultivation

By Anna Birn / April 20, 2020

Specialty Mushroom Cultivation in the Northeast United States Download the Specialty Mushroom Cultivation PDF Table of Contents   Introduction  Mycology 101: Mushroom life cycle Defining the Specialty Mushroom Industry I. The Past II. The Now III. The Future Three Sectors of the Specialty Mushroom Industry Using Mushrooms to Solve Community Challenges Visit www.FungiAlly.com and www.CornellMushrooms.org for…

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New Resources Available for Specialty Mushroom Growers

By Anna Birn / March 16, 2020

We are excited to announce the release of a new Harvest to Market Guide for producers interested in growing specialty mushrooms. This resource is the product of a cooperative effort conducted by the Cornell Small Farms Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension, consultant growers, and other supporting organizations.  This guidebook is meant to serve as a companion…

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F. Strategic Marketing/Channel Assessment

By Anna Birn / March 4, 2020

G. Strategic Marketing/Channel Assessment If you look at the budgeting numbers above, you might be surprised as how many hours beginning growers are projected to spend on sales and marketing, which accounts for 10% of the total time spent. This section offers some ideas about how to approach marketing and channel assessment for your products.…

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D. Business Planning

By Anna Birn / February 26, 2020

                            D. Business Planning Before diving deeper into aspects of business planning for your shiitake enterprise, it’s worth taking a few minutes to brainstorm and answer the following questions: WHY:  Your objective.                     …

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