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My beautiful wife Liz and I own Ellington Hill Farms in Kennedy, NY, with our four children, Hailey, Lily, Matthew and Xander. I'm a part-time farmer and full-time firefighter for the City of Jamestown. I was compelled to write an article for the Small Farms Quarterly after receiving an e-mail asking for “how you got started” stories, and realized I didn’t come from a farming background but somehow ended up here. I encourage anyone with questions to contact me at rob.h.smith83@gmail.com or visit Ellington Hill Farms on Facebook.

Veterans’ Reflections: Following Nature’s Lead

By Robert H. Smith / April 6, 2020

Through trial and error, this farmer veteran is learning to harness the power of nature.    So there I was (as every great story begins) … signing the closing paperwork to repurchase the house that I grew up in, which my dad had sold prior to leaving for the Army. Coming back to Kennedy, NY, from our nation’s capital was a great feeling after serving 4…

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