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Zoë Loomis

Zoë is a senior in CALS studying Environmental Science with a concentration in Agroecology and a minor in Community Food Systems. She grew up in Center City Philadelphia, but she has always loved the outdoors and has spent lots of time hiking in the Adirondacks and tending plants in her aunt’s many gardens. Zoë became interested in studying agriculture during her gap semester spent at Full Belly Farm in California. During the summer of 2019, she was one of the student managers of Dilmun Hill, Cornell’s organic student farm, where she learned not only about growing food first-hand, but also about building community around food and farming. Overall, she is very interested in agricultural outreach and education and working with farmers to adopt agroecological farming methods as well as building stronger local food systems that prioritize farmer and community welfare. Zoë is very excited to be joining the Small Farms team in June 2020, although amidst a pandemic and nationwide unrest, as this context has only further proven the importance of small and local food systems and farmers as well as the racial injustice that exists within these systems.

Zoe Loomis

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