Spring 2023


The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the arrival of the Spring 2023 edition of the Small Farms Quarterly.

In this issue, we feature a decision-making framework to support farmer stress management, part-two of a beginning farmer’s story on establishing an on-farm market, and reduced tillage tools to help reduce your soil’s weed seedbank.

You can read articles from the Spring 2023 Quarterly online now. Or if you’d rather flip through the articles in a magazine format, take a look at our online reader to peruse this issue or feel free to download the PDF version of the Quarterly.

Online Reader: https://www.leepub.com/published/SFQ/SFQ-230403/

PDF Version: https://www.leepub.com/published/SFQ/SFQ-230403/docs/SFQ-230403.pdf


Cornell Small Farms Program Update

News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Spring 2023


Featured Articles

Stress Management Through… a Decision-Making Framework? by Erica Frenay

Establishing a Vibrant On-Farm Market by Avery MacLean

Tarps, Mulch, and Timing: No-Till Tools to Rob the Weed Seedbank by Stephen Stresow and Ryan Maher



CCE News

Cornell, CCE Responding to Farming Mental Health Crisis by Melissa Jo Hill

8 Things to Think About – Farm Diversification and Enterprise Analysis by Katelyn Walley-Stoll



Outreach Supports Black Rural Landowners in Northeast by James Dean

New Tomato Bred to Naturally Resist Pests and Curb Disease by Krishna Ramanujan

Ancient Farming Strategy Holds Promise for Climate Resilience by Susan Kelley


Additional Articles

Crece el liderazgo agrícola latino en el condado de Suffolk con Futuro en Ag | Growing Latino Leadership in Suffolk County with Futuro en Ag by Mildred Alvarado, Nicole Waters, and Tim Shenk

Farmer Veterans: Starting at Square One by Nina Saeli

Give Stocker Beef Cattle a Chance by Rich Taber

Smart Marketing for Specialty Mushrooms by Kristen Park and Steve Gabriel

Pasture Mix for Sheep by Ulf Kintzel

A Path to Farm Community by Violet Stone