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Here you can learn more about what we offer, join out grower listserv of over 700 growers, and find a list of active industry consultants to help your grow.

What Our Program Offers

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We are a small group with several part time extension educators (Steve Gabriel, Yolanda Gonzalez) along with our project partners (FarmSchoolNYC, Fungi Ally, GrowNYC). Each week, we receive dozens of inquires and individual questions from active and perspective growers and do our best to respond to email questions, by directing folks to resources, and in the programs we develop to respond to interest and need. Please understand our capacity and expect a response in 5 - 7 business days.

All the materials you find on the website represent the current suite of tools materials we have to offer. At this time we cannot offer individual consulting on a particular enterprise plan, but do offer on this page a listing of industry consultants for this purpose.


Steve Gabriel,

general questions, technical resources for indoor and outdoor growing


Yolanda Gonzalez,

general questions, urban agriculture, food safety

Grower Email Listserv

The NYS-CCE mushroom list is open to any active and interested growers who want to discuss mushroom growing and enterprise development. You do not have to reside in NY to join the list. We welcome and encourage participants to ask questions and discussion various aspects of cultivation on the list.

Please follow these simple rules:
1) STAY ON TOPIC: We are here to discuss specialty mushroom cultivation and any associated topics around the production, harvest, and sales of mushrooms.

2) DON’T REPLY TO THE LIST: If you are responding to an individual. Email them directly instead of hitting “reply” and keep the list to conversations that benefit the whole group.

3) POST WITH RESPECT: The people on this list come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Please make sure anything you share is respectful and sensitive. There is a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate content and you will be removed from the list permanently if such instances occur.



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Consultant Listings

We do not endorse or recommend any specific consultants but offer this list as an open source directory for you to reach out and find the help you need.

If you offer consulting services for the mushroom industry and wish to be listed, you can complete the form here:


A list of responses can be viewed here: