Events & Online Courses

Our program offers events both in person and online. Any upcoming events will be posted to this page.

Online Courses

Online courses are available for self-study at ANY TIME by registering through the links below. Enrollment includes lifetime access to the materials.

Lobster mushrooms

Identification and Use of Mushrooms

Learn basic ID skills and the application of mushrooms as food, medicine, materials, and more


Sept 22 – Oct 27

with Steve Gabriel, Sneha Ganguly, Leigh Ollman





Shiitake mushrooms grow on a log

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation

Growing mushrooms on logs, stumps, woodchips, and compost



Nov 1 – Dec 6

with Steve Gabriel, Aysha Venjara




indoor mushrooms sfp gabriel

Indoor Mushroom Cultivation

Managing indoor spaces for the production of high quality mushrooms


Jan 10 – Feb 14

with Steve Gabriel, Cecilia De La Fuente





2019 07 07 mushroom workshop nyc 8

Community Mushroom Educators

Learn how to effectively teach about mushrooms and fungi to your community


Feb 21 – Mar 28

with Steve Gabriel, Marina Delgado, Amanda Heidel