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Recirculating Farms: Growing healthy, fresh food and a new local food culture

By Molly Davis / April 2, 2012

Facing an average nightly low of 21 degrees, most Boston-area farmers throw their hands up in January and take a break. But with recirculating farms — which can grow plants (hydroponics), fish (aquaculture), or a combination of both (aquaponics) — a farmer can continue generating revenue throughout the worst conditions that winter brings. “They can…

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Creating Farms on Concrete, Rubble, and Roofs

By Daisy Bow / April 2, 2011

The Story of New York City’s Newest Farmers When anyone thinks about New York City, fixtures like concrete sidewalks, skyscrapers, large office buildings, heavy traffic, storefronts, and subway stations come easily to mind. Green spaces are generally relegated to designated city parks, and most flowers are pre-cut, bundled into ready-to-go bouquets. However the metropolitan topography…

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Urban Farmer Backlash: Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Derek Denckla / January 9, 2011

Recently, urban agriculture seems to have achieved a milestone– being lampooned. The blog Daily Candy featured “DIY Halloween Costumes” in which suggestion No. 4 was “Urban Farmer,” recommending a three ingredient recipe: “1. Same [outfit] as Paul Bunyan but replace the ax with a shovel; 2. Carry a tote bag filled with fresh veggies. and…

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Aeroponics: a piece of the urban farming jigsaw puzzle?

By Aaron Munzer / October 3, 2010

Ed Harwood is willing to concede that many folks think of urban farming as raised beds on vacant lots. But he also thinks there’s another way to grow vegetables in cities that’s just as promising, and it uses a new stackable, modular hydroponics technology called aeroponics, that his company AeroFarms has refined and now offers…

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