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Aaron Munzer is a freelance writer and farmer at Plowbreak Farm in Hector, NY.  He may be reached at
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CoolBot Enables Small Farmers to Build Do-it-Yourself Coolers

By Aaron Munzer / June 27, 2012

Like many small-scale vegetable growers, Anton Burkett couldn’t afford a large, expensive walk-in cooler compressor to cool his produce before market. Then he found the CoolBot. When he started Early Morning Farm near Ithaca, N.Y. in 1999, he built a small, eight foot by ten foot walk-in cooler powered by a small refrigerator compressor. With…

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Aeroponics: a piece of the urban farming jigsaw puzzle?

By Aaron Munzer / October 3, 2010

Ed Harwood is willing to concede that many folks think of urban farming as raised beds on vacant lots. But he also thinks there’s another way to grow vegetables in cities that’s just as promising, and it uses a new stackable, modular hydroponics technology called aeroponics, that his company AeroFarms has refined and now offers…

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Tricks of the Trade: Farmer marketing advice from the masters at the Ithaca Farmers Market

By Aaron Munzer / October 3, 2010

Any farmers market vendor worth their vegetables can tell you that if you don’t catch people’s attention, you won’t sell your product. So how to do that, without shouting your prices with a megaphone, or throwing your oversized eggplants at customers’ heads? What follows is a list of tips, techniques and strategies that everyone —…

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