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Nancy Glazier is Small Farms Support Specialist for the Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Team of Cornell Cooperative Extension/PRO-DAIRY. You can reach her at585-315-7746 or
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Follow Best Practices to Prevent the Spread of Bird Flu

By Nancy Glazier / February 28, 2022

A deadly strain of bird flu, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), has been identified in several states throughout the country, including New York. This strain can infect chickens, turkeys, game birds, waterfowl, ratites (emus, etc.), and a wide variety of wild birds. It can spread from bird to bird by direct contact as well as…

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Nitrogen Cycling in Pastures

By Nancy Glazier / October 5, 2015

Follow nitrogen as it moves its way around a pasture.  I was recently asked about the copious amounts of white clover in a pasture as the farmers were concerned about bloat risk with their sheep. She and her family had done some research and came up with differing opinions regarding management. I was asked to…

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Hay Storage Considerations: Don’t Waste It!

By Nancy Glazier / October 6, 2014

Fall may be a good time to think about hay storage. In some parts of the Northeast haymaking has been tough due to the frequent rains. I have had some producers tell me they hadn’t finished making first cutting hay by the first week of August due to the weather. Make sure you put more…

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Ovines in the Vines?

By Nancy Glazier / July 8, 2014

A New Idea for the Finger Lakes Region of New York Grazing sheep in vineyards has been an idea we have tossed around for a while. This spring Hans Walter-Peterson and Mike Colizzi with the Finger Lakes Grape Program and I sat down to actually talk about it. This practice is done on the West…

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March is Frost Seeding Time!

By Nancy Glazier / January 14, 2014

Spring may seem far away as winter winds and snows blow, but start planning now for pasture improvement. March is a great time of the year to add some legumes into your pastures or hayfields. It is a way to improve pastures without losing a production year. Added legumes will boost production and fill in…

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Backyard Poultry 101

By Nancy Glazier / June 27, 2012

Chickens are an easy way to raise your own meat and eggs. They don’t require a lot of work or time and flocks are great for kids to care for, from collecting eggs to feeding and watering. Birds need to get off to a good start; healthy chicks, proper nutrition, water and shelter equates to…

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The Art of Silvopasturing: A Regional Conference

By Nancy Glazier / October 3, 2011

The practice of Silvopasturing is causing quite a buzz these days. It was a fairly new concept to me until a year and a half ago, a concept that brings together forestry management and grazing management into one single system of sustainable woodland grazing. It can diversify income by tapping into products of trees, tree…

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Kevatta Farms Dairy

By Nancy Glazier / October 3, 2010

By Debra Welch and Nancy Glazier Kevetta Farms, in the hills of Dansville NY, is owned and operated by Kevin and Annetta Herrington with children Jessica and Tyler.  Their high-producing registered herd consists of predominantly Holsteins and Jerseysthat are grazed on 65 acres.  Youngstock are grazed on 15 acres of dedicated pasture.  Kevin has worked closely…

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Yes, Cows Eat Weeds!

By Nancy Glazier / April 4, 2010

Learn from Kathy Voth’s work The Northeast Pasture Consortium (NEPC) Annual Meeting was held in January this year inVermont. The weather can be questionable at best in January, but it cooperated this year. The latest pasture research was presented by universities, agencies and producers at the two-day conference. Many great projects were shared and lots…

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