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Nancy Glazier is Small Farms Support Specialist for the Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Team of Cornell Cooperative Extension/PRO-DAIRY. You can reach her at585-315-7746 or nig3@cornell.edu

Nitrogen Cycling in Pastures

By Nancy Glazier / October 5, 2015

Follow nitrogen as it moves its way around a pasture.  I was recently asked about the copious amounts of white clover in a pasture as the farmers were concerned about bloat risk with their sheep. She and her family had done some research and came up with differing opinions regarding management. I was asked to…

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The Art of Silvopasturing: A Regional Conference

By Nancy Glazier / October 3, 2011

The practice of Silvopasturing is causing quite a buzz these days. It was a fairly new concept to me until a year and a half ago, a concept that brings together forestry management and grazing management into one single system of sustainable woodland grazing. It can diversify income by tapping into products of trees, tree…

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