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Elizabeth Henderson has retired from full time farming at Peacework Farm in Arcadia, New York, but continues to serve on  the Genesee Valley Organic CSA core group.  She can be reached at, 585-764-8471.

Securing a Labor Force at Sweetland Farm

By Elizabeth Henderson / July 3, 2017

A vegetable farm raised wages to $15 an hour and lived to tell the tale! Early in 2016, Evangeline Sarat at Sweetland Farm, in Trumansburg, NY, announced that she would…

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Farmers, Farmworkers and Students Unite

By Elizabeth Henderson / October 5, 2015

An Open Meeting on Domestic Fair Trade for the Northeast Responding to the call to a gathering on domestic fair trade in the Northeast, two dozen farmers and farmer organizers,…

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First Food Justice Certified Farm and Food Stores in New York

By Elizabeth Henderson / July 8, 2014

Long overdue, Food Justice Certified “measures what matters,” ensuring that workers on farms and the farmers who hire them are fairly treated and paid. Food Justice Certification is the first…

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Steps to a Solidarity Economy: Farmer-Farmer and Farmer-Consumer Cooperatives in Community Supported Agriculture

By Elizabeth Henderson / April 2, 2011

While a few energetic and competent farmers manage to run CSAs by themselves or with only their families and employees, they are missing the opportunities for broader participation and support…

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