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June Small Farms Update

The Small Farms Update includes small farm announcements, events, job and internship opportunities, grant and loan opportunities, and latest handbooks,  tools and other small farm resources. It is intended for farmers and agricultural service providers in New York and the Northeast. If have an item to be included in the update, please contact Violet Stone at


  • Small Dairy Field Days
  • Make Your Voice Heard! Sign Up for Census of Agriculture

Upcoming Events

  • Sponsored Events
  • Grazing Events
  • Other Featured Events
  • Save the Date

Career etc. Opportunities

  • Rural Health Service Corps: Open Positions
  • Be a part of the CRAFT Community!
  • Farm for Sale!
  • Coordinator for the FarmNet NY Wanted
  • Farm for Rent in Schoharie County

Funding etc. Opportunities

  • Agriculture Development Funding Available From New York State
  • CFA funding for Inexpensive Walk-in Coolers
  • Sustainable Ag Research and Professional Development Grants –  Due July 31st
  • Small, Socially-Disadvantaged Producer Grant


  • Farming Concrete’s 2011 citywide Harvest Report
  • Soil Testing for Contaminated Sites Webinar
  • United Nation’s Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability Report
  • Seed to Harvest: a new iPhone Application
  • Forest Farming Non-Timber Products: Opportunities and Challenges Webinar


2012 Small Dairy Field Days are Here!
Are you interested in how small dairy farms across New York are improving profitability, sustainability, and quality of life?  The Cornell Small Farms Program has teamed up with educators and dairy producers to offer you a series of idea-generating on-farm field days; topics include everything from incorporating new value added products to improving nutrition to producing on-farm biodiesel.  On-Farm Field Days, which will take place between now and July 11th, 2012, are free and open to the public.  These small dairies vary in location, but share a common size; each farm milks between 35 to 75 head.  Visit for a complete schedule and more information.

Make Your Voice Heard! Farmers Reminded to Sign Up for Census of Agriculture
Make sure YOUR voice is heard!  Producers are reminded to sign up for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2012 Census of Agriculture before July 1. The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them. A farm is defined as any place that produced and sold, or normally would have sold, $1,000 or more of agricultural products during the Census year. To learn more, visit

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Upcoming Events

Sponsored Events

June 20, 2012. Staying Small Through a Century of Dairy Farming. Brooktondale, NY. Join Aaron and Calvin Snow of SnoFarms for a tour of their 35 cow dairy and cheese making facilities.

June 30, 2012. Achieving Low Somatic Cell Count on Small Herds. Ancramdale, NY Lowell “Jim” Davenport will discuss his high forage diet, use of soil resources, and marketing of his milk under the Hudson Valley Fresh label, among other topics!

July 11, 2012. On Farm Energy Production (Oilseed Press/ Grass Pellet Demonstration. Groton, NY. Ed and Eileen Scheffler will discuss the oilseed press and how it functions as part of their dairy farm. Several organic dairy farmers will also join in for the discussion of the potential marketing options for oilseed press products.

For more details about the field days listed above and more information about the Small Dairy Project visit:

Grazing Events

June 21, 2012.  3:30 pm to 4:45 pm.  Grass-Based Beef: The Business Case (A Webinar).  This National Good Food Network Webinar will make the business case for pasture raised beef, present a case study of a highly successful operation, and point you to resources for learning how to transition to farming and ranching techniques that are higher value, environmentally positive and increase animal welfare.  Register at:

June 27, 2012.  2:00-5:00 PM. Grazing Mixed Species: Complete Cycles and Proactive Protection.  Stony Creek Farm, Walton, NY.  A discussion of multi-species pasturing systems, including information on predator control program and parasite prevention, and a demonstration of techniques used to manage and protect animals organically.  Register by calling Stephanie Backer-Bertsch at NOFA-NY at 585-271-1979 x 509, or by registering online at

July 16-18, 2012.  3-Day Workshop of Grass-fed Livestock and On-farm Processing.  Hardler Farm near Honesdale, PA.  This 3-day course focuses on correct forages affecting meat quality, sustainable farming practices, and hands-on opportunities to cut and correctly process three types of meat.  Visit for complete details, or call Maria Grimaldi at 845-482-4164.

Other Featured Events

June 17, 2012.  9:00 AM-4:00 PM.  Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Working with Horses and Mules. Northland Sheep Dairy, Marathon, NY. The morning and afternoon sessions in this workshop will cover how to treat new horse additions to your farm and how to use horses to make hay with potluck lunch in between.  Visit for more information.

June 18, 2012.  9:00 AM –12:00 PM.  Biological IPM Strategies with Abby Seaman on Gonzalez Farm.  Gonzalez Farm, Pine Island, NY. Come tour Gonzalez Farm with Cornell University’s Vegetable IPM Coordinator Abby Seaman and develop a deeper understanding the life cycles of pests and research-based IPM strategies, including biological and cultural control methods, as well as organic pesticides.  To register, contact Stephanie Backer-Bertsch by phone at (585) 271-1979 x 509, by email at, or online at

June 19, 2012.  6:30-8:30 PM.   Estate Planning and Transitions Workshop.  Otsego County extension office. . Basic estate planning and transitions for farm and rural landowners will be covered in this workshop; landowners will be provided with the tools and ideas on how to plan for the transfer of their properties or how to keep their land in their families. To register, or for more information, call 607-547-2536, ext. 226, or email

June 20, 2012.  10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Alternative Meat Markets and Halal Production.  Norwich Meadow Farms, Norwich, NY.  Includes a tour the farm, a lesson on the basics of Halal processing, and a discussion of strategies for securing alternative meat markets. To register contact Stephanie Backer-Bertsch by phone at (585) 271-1979 x 509, by email at, or online at

June 20 and 27, 2012.  6:00‐8:30 PM.  Caring For Your Woodland I: Essential Principles.  Susquehanna County Courthouse Annex, Montrose, PA.   This is a two-part course that will strengthen your knowledge of sustainable forest management.  For more information on how to register, please visit

June 21, 2012. 6:30-8:30 PM.  Small Livestock Farm Tour.   Franklin, NY.  Come join owners of Miz Inka Farms for a tour of their 365-acre Boer goat farm operation followed by discussion that will focus on herd expansion and facility design. To register, contact Kim Holden at (607) 865-7090, ext. 241.

June 22, 2012.  10:00 AM- 1:00 PM.  Certified Hay and Grain Rotations for a Successful Organic Farm Plan.  4181 Waterbury Hill Rd. Avoca, NY 14809 (Steuben County).  Tour of 200 acre farm and fields to learn about innovative rotations involving hay and small grains, followed by a discussion of the on-farm trials being conducted, including farm-harvested red clover seed and frost seeding experiments and trials of food grade wheat, oats, buckwheat, and hay. Weed control, natural re-seeding vs. frost seeding, and other on-farm experiments will be observed prior to grain harvest.  To register, contact Stephanie Backer-Bertsch by phone at (585) 271-1979 x 509, by email at, or online at

June 23, 2012.   10:00 AM- early afternoon or 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM.  Food Forest Plant Sale & Workshops with Jonathan Bates.  Montour Falls, NY at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County. Morning presentation and plant sale or and afternoon full of polyculture planting, discussion, and demonstration. Learn guiding principles to plant your own food forest.  Register at:

June 23, 2012.  10 AM – 2 PM.   How to Dress a Chicken. Mosherville, PA. Join Spring Meadows Farm as they guide you through humane and sanitary chicken butchering. Participants each receive their own chicken to practice on. For more information contact Jake Czaja at 570-537-2128.

June 23, 2012.  9:30 AM – 4:00 PM.  Poultry Processing & Pastured Poultry.  Glynwood Farm, Cold Spring, NY.   If you are interested in raising chickens for meat and processing them yourself, this workshop is essential.  Please register by calling 845-265-3338 or visit for more information.

June 24, 2012.  12:30-3:30 PM.  Traditional Cooking Classes.  United Methodist Church Hall, 9290 Route 97, Callicoon, NY.  Series of traditional cooking classes focused towards nourishing, traditional cooking methods and building community through potluck meetings and celebrations using local, fresh food. The June 24th class, which will cover lactic fermentation and homemade beverages, is part of a 5 part series. For information on the rest of the series or to reserve your spot in this class, call Maria Grimaldi at 845-482-41 or visit

June 26, 2012.  3:00-6:00 PM.  Season Extension & Food Safety: Year Round Production at Pleasant Valley Farm.   Argyle, NY.  Come join Pleasant Valley Farm for a tour of the farm’s radiant-heated greenhouse and their multiple storage facilities, followed by a discussion of the farm’s high tunnel winter crop rotation and production schedules, which allow them to market year-round at local farmers’ markets. The field day will also focus on the farm’s newly renovated washing and packing facilities.  Register by calling Stephanie Backer-Bertsch at NOFA-NY at 585-271-1979 x 509, or by registering online at

June 28, 2012.  4:00-7:00 PM.  Adding Value to Small Grains.  Oechsner Farms, Newfield, NY. A discussion of the wheat variety trials that Oechsner Farms is conducting with Cornell and Ogrin, with specific focus on their weed management, grain cleaning, and grain storage systems. To register, contact Stephanie Backer-Bertsch by phone at (585) 271-1979 x 509, by email at, or online at

Save the Date

October 16 & 17, 2012.  Growing Health 2012: Cultivating Farms, Food & Health.  Riverwalk Hotel and Conference Center, Binghamton, NY.  This two-day event will focus on how agriculture in NY and the Northeast can improve the health of NY residents. For more information email, call toll free at 888.603.5973, or visit

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 Career etc. Opportunities

Rural Health Service Corps: Open Positions
Rural Health Service Corps is now reviewing applications for full-time one year AmeriCorps and VISTA positions that begin in August/September!   The open positions will focus on improving the health status of low income, uninsured, and predominantly rural residents in South Central New York State.  Applicants for both positions must have an interest in, and commitment to, health and/or rural communities and people, evidence of past and/or current volunteer experience, communication skills, and self-direction. Learn more and apply online at

Be a part of the CRAFT Community!
The Finger Lakes Collaborative Regional Alliance is still open to new members for 2012. CRAFT Farm Membership is open to all farmers (conventional, organic, biodynamic or other) interested in learning about sustainable and organic farming practices and/or enabling your interns or employees to learn about these practices. Visit for the easy online application.

Farm for Sale!
25 acre Sustainable Livestock farmette in Montgomery County for sale.  Farm infrastructure includes electric, automatic waterers, back up frost free hydrants, a ½ million gallon pond with a spring development system for watering livestock, and an insulated and heated farrowing room and gutter cleaner. If interested, please contact Kathleen Harris at or (518) 258-4823.

Coordinator for FarmNet NY Wanted
New York FarmNet, which provides farm families with a network of information, contacts and services that are uniquely suited to the financial and personal challenges of agricultural business management, is looking for a new Business and Succession Planning Coordinator. Applicants for this position should have a good grasp of accounting and financial analysis, good written and oral communication skills, and a Bachelor’s degree.  For more information, visit

Farm for Rent in Schoharie County
Owners of 175 acre farm seek small farmer to raise organic meats, including bison and free ranging chickens.  We are looking for the type of individual that would like to do direct marketing at farmers markets.  The individual could do much more if they are so motivated.  We would be willing to allow them to plant several acres of vegetables for seasonal sales at farmers markets in NY.  Other value added processes might include collection of bison hair and creating bison fiber/yarn and distilling spirits so that the distillers grain can be re-used in finishing bison bulls etc. Housing is not available.   Rental rate is negotiable.  For more information, contact Brian Grubb at

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Funding etc. Opportunities

Agriculture Development Funding Available From New York State
In an effort to promote agricultural economic development and increase farm viability in New York, the New York Department of Agriculture is offering grants ranging from $30,000 to $500,000 to municipalities, farm credit institutions, non-profits, and local and regional development corps.  These funds are intended to encourage farm expansion, crop diversification, and value-added production.  For more information on how to apply for funding, please email Steve McGrattan at or call 518-457-7836.

CFA funding for Inexpensive Walk-in Coolers
Through a state government grant called a Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) growers who want to build small inexpensive walk-in coolers or “sheds” can get up to 50% of the cost covered, if they incorporate a Coolbot™ into their design.  The Coolbot™ is an inexpensive (~ $300) piece of equipment that allows normal window air-conditioning units to be converted into coolers with capabilities to keep an insulated cooler at 32F. For more information on the Coolbot™, see their website at If you are a fruit grower who is interested in utilizing this grant opportunity, contact Craig Kahlke of the Lake Ontario Fruit Team at 585-735-5448, or email him  Vegetable growers should contact Robert Hadad of the Cornell Vegetable Program at 585-739-4065 or email him at

SARE Grant Application Deadline is July 31st
SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) offers grants to farmers, educators, universities and communities that are working to make agriculture more sustainable – economically, environmentally, and socially. Applications for 2013 Research and Education Grant pre-proposals and 2013 Professional Development Grant pre-proposals are due by July 31st.  To learn more about Research and Education grants and about how to apply, visit  To learn more about Professional Development grants and how to apply, visit,

Small, Socially-Disadvantaged Producer Grant
The Rural Business-Cooperative Service presents the Small, Socially-Disadvantaged Producer Grant; this grant will provide grant funds to cooperatives to provide technical assistance to small, socially-disadvantaged agricultural producers in rural areas. Up to $175,000 available for 1 year! Due by July 24, 2012.

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Farming Concrete’s 2011 citywide Harvest Report
Farming Concrete recently published their 2011 inventory of New York City gardens.   For a full list of NYC community and school gardens, as well as more data on the productivity of these gardens, please visit to check out the full report.  If you have a NYC garden and want to get your garden on the map and/or sign up for free materials, visit

Soil Testing for Contaminated Sites Webinar
Cornell Garden-Based Learning and the Dept of Crop and Soil Science are offering the archived version of a webinar entitled Soil Testing for Contaminated Sites that aired May 29 as part of the Soil/Compost theme for 2012.  This webinar discussed common contaminants, proper sampling procedures, safety measures, and best management practices for soil.  The archived webinar can be found at

United Nation’s Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability Report
With contributions from more than 70 global agri-food leaders in the business, policy, environment, and social arenas, Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability lays out concrete steps for sustainable and resilient food and agriculture systems. The report also exposes areas of disagreement and advances a key set of specific “high impact” areas where smart decisions will make the most difference.  If you want to learn more about this report’s suggested sustainability practices, visit to view the full report.

Seed to Harvest: a new iPhone Application
Seed to Harvest is a new application for iPhone and iPod touch that simplifies and streamlines record-keeping for natural and organic farmers.  Seed to Harvest allows you to record detailed planting information including cultivar, location, amount, date, and an unlimited number of transplanting records, as well as allowing you to track inputs, harvest records, and sales by cultivar and location. You can download the “lite” version for free by searching for “Seed to Harvest” on the Apple App Store. More details are also available at

Forest Farming Non-Timber Products: Opportunities and Challenges Webinar
Forest farming, the cultivation of understory plants and fungi with economic value, may be a way for small-scale forest landowners to realize greater benefits. This presentation, given by James Chamberlain, USDA Forest Service, examines opportunities for forest farming in the Appalachian forest region, and challenges that could frustrate efforts to diversify forest operations. To view the archived webinar, visit

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