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On-Farm Poultry Slaughter Guidelines

This 28-page guide contains sections on the 1000-bird limit exemption, where you can legally sell your birds under this exemption, labeling requirements, sanitary operating procedures and more. It includes several appendices, such as a sample flock record log and a questionnaire that your insurance company may use to assess your knowledge of safe poultry processing practices.

Download the entire On-Farm Poultry Slaughter Guidelines here (PDF) 

Table of Contents

Producer/Grower–1000 Bird Limit Exemption Criteria
Good Manufacturing Practices
Standard Operating Procedures- Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan
Appendix A: Sample Flock Record Log
Appendix B: Sample Slaughter Record Log
Appendix C: Poultry Best Management Practices Questionnaire
Glossary of Terms
Agencies to Contact for Additional Information

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