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In the shadow of New York City’s Hell Gate Bridge, Cornell Cooperative Extension urban agriculture specialists Yolanda Gonzalez, left, and Sam Anderson, center scout for harlequin bugs and consult with farmers at Randall's Island Urban Farm in New York City.
R.J. Anderson / Cornell Cooperative Extension

Are you an existing or aspiring urban farmer?  

Urban farms can not only be commercially viable and economically self-sufficient small  farm businesses, they also offer a multitude of quality of life benefits for community residents. These farms serve to build community cohesion, teach about food and farming, connect urban and rural producers, and generate fresh produce (and sometimes meat) for local eaters. 

Building a successful commercial urban farm requires careful consideration of unique issues created by farming in the urban environment.

Learn about success stories as well as resources to build your urban farm.

News and Updates

Creating Farms on Concrete, Rubble, and Roofs

By Rachel Whiteheart | April 2, 2011

The Story of New York City’s Newest Farmers By Daisy Bow When anyone thinks about New York City, fixtures like concrete sidewalks, skyscrapers, large office buildings, heavy traffic, storefronts, and…

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Urban Farmer Backlash: Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Rachel Whiteheart | January 9, 2011

By Derek Denckla Recently, urban agriculture seems to have achieved a milestone– being lampooned. The blog Daily Candy featured “DIY Halloween Costumes” in which suggestion No. 4 was “Urban Farmer,”…

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Aeroponics: a piece of the urban farming jigsaw puzzle?

By Rachel Whiteheart | October 3, 2010

By Aaron Munzer Ed Harwood is willing to concede that many folks think of urban farming as raised beds on vacant lots. But he also thinks there’s another way to…

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About Urban Ag

More details about this emerging new project is coming soon...

Anu was appointed director the Cornell Small Farms Program in 2004. At the same time, she opened a U-pick strawberry farm in Freeville, NY. The experience of operating a small farm changed her entire approach to research and extension, and deepened her commitment to NY farms and local food systems.

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