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Olivia is a senior in CALS studying Environment and Sustainability with a minor in Public Health. Olivia's passion for farming began in high school and has continued throughout college, where she's worked on farms in Maine, and the Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley regions of New York. She is interested in the role that agriculture plays in the intersection between human and environmental health. Specifically, she is interested in combining farmer equity with restorative agricultural practices to improve food systems on a more holistic level.

Hummingbirds Offer Substitute for Pesticides in Berry Farming

By Olivia Weinberg / June 1, 2021

The thought of spraying pesticides can be daunting — its cost, environmental and health implications are far reaching and unfamiliar to some farmers. Integrated pest management (IPM) offers a way for farmers to steer clear of harmful pesticides while fighting growing populations of insects.  Being able to preserve crops is especially important for New York…

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