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John Suscovich is a sustainable farmer in Connecticut and founder of and

Mail Order Chicks

By John Suscovich / April 7, 2014

First steps to caring for your new brood. Whether your farm is large or small scale there is usually one guiding motivator that we all share: fostering life. There are few things more exhilarating on a farm than new buds breaking through the surface of the soil, the first steps of a new born calf,…

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Postal Peepers

By John Suscovich / January 14, 2014

  This winter photo feature comes to us from, a resource and blog following Kate and John Suscovich’s journey toward a sustainable and happy farm. Their definition of a FoodCyclist is a person who adheres to the belief that healthy food, active living, and pursuing one’s passions are the keys to a happy life.…

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Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans

By John Suscovich / January 14, 2014

Looking to raise broilers on pasture?  “Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans” is a new e-Guide to building your own chicken tractors. The designs provided solve the common issues related to pastured poultry; predation, ease of daily moves, walking inside the coop, serving more than one purpose, and keeping birds safe and happy. The eBook contains…

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Cut Flowers for Beauty and Business

By John Suscovich / March 27, 2013

  Adding a cut flower share can do a lot for your small farm. Whether you use it as a main-stay or just to add an aesthetic element, growing flowers can be a nice addition to your business.  Flowers can be used for wedding arrangements, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) flower shares, property beautification, farmers’ market…

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Using Photographs to Market Your Farm

By John Suscovich / January 7, 2013

  We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, by that math, you can write a 10,000 word article about your farm in ten photographs. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily show your customers just how awesome you are without having to write a novel in your “free time”? Your average…

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