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Postal Peepers


This winter photo feature comes to us from FoodCyclist.com, a resource and blog following Kate and John Suscovich’s journey toward a sustainable and happy farm. Their definition of a FoodCyclist is a person who adheres to the belief that healthy food, active living, and pursuing one’s passions are the keys to a happy life. The FoodCyclist Farm operates a pastured chicken and herbs CSA out of Sherman, CT.

Here’s the story of how these chicks came to FoodCyclist Farm:

It’s 6:30 in the morning, the phone rings, it’s the Post Office. “Umm hello, is this FoodCyclist Farm? We have your baby chickens here, please get them out of here.” We drive to the Post Office and see why they are annoyed. There sits several cardboard boxes of incessantly peeping little chicks. They’re super cute, super loud, and ready for a drink (of water).
For more photos and stories, follow John and Kate’s blog at http://foodcyclist.com.

John Suscovich

John Suscovich is a sustainable farmer in Connecticut and founder of http://www.FoodCyclist.com and http://www.FarmMarketingSolutions.com.

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