Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans

Looking to raise broilers on pasture?  “Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans” is a new e-Guide to building your own chicken tractors. The designs provided solve the common issues related to pastured poultry; predation, ease of daily moves, walking inside the coop, serving more than one purpose, and keeping birds safe and happy.

ChickenTractors 10f9614The eBook contains detailed 2D and 3D drafting combined with detailed step by step instructions on building and moving these chicken tractors around your fields. In addition to that, author John Suscovich (the “FoodCyclist”) includes videos, materials lists, cost break-down, 50+ color photos, and information on his inexpensive custom waterers and feeders.

FoodCyclist Farm operates as a Pastured Chicken and Herb CSA in Western Connecticut. Every week members receive one whole chicken and a small bunch of culinary herbs. The chickens are raised in John’s chicken tractors out on pasture and moved once daily.

With 12 chicken tractors on pasture John has taken raising chickens to a production level.

That does not mean you have to. These chicken tractor designs work well for the backyard grower as well as the production farmer. Having sustained 50+ mph winds, driving rains, and just about every predator known to Connecticut these chicken tractors have proven their worth.

Troy Bishopp, the ‘Grass Whisperer’, says, “I liked John’s style because it had enough rugged features in construction without being too heavy.  The simple wheel design and portability of one set of tires made it cost effective and easy to move, even through taller swards.  The high ceiling made for good ventilation and easy access for bringing in grain and water and removing birds.  A plus on those hot humid days.”

The eBook is available as a digital download.

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John Suscovich is a sustainable farmer in Connecticut and founder of and


  1. Avatar of Susie Romine Susie Romine on March 1, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    I didn’t see a place for chickens to lay eggs or roost. I am just getting started into raising chickens for eggs. I am interested in your information but it doesn’t seem to have all I need.

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