Meet the New Cornell Small Farms’ Online Course Coordinator

I am very excited to join the Cornell Small Farms Program team as the new Online Course Coordinator. With prior experience in education, administration, and customer service, I support instructors and students with the resources they need to be successful with our online course offerings. 

I am responsible for all aspects of our online courses, including logistics and coordination, from establishing course schedules to conducting program evaluation. I field student inquiries and help them navigate our resources. I work to maintain positive relationships with existing course instructors and recruit new ones. In collaboration with the Small Farms team, we aim to expand our reach to welcome and grow a diverse crop of successful new farmers, particularly those from historically marginalized communities who have been traditionally excluded from farming opportunities. 

Since I am new to the world of farming and this team, I plan to listen, remain curious, and learn from the Small Farms Program community members so that their wisdom can directly inform my work. My overall goals are to foster people’s connection with land/nature through our course offerings and continue to expand our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. My hope is that people find connection, reciprocity, and/or healing through their farming pursuits after participating in our classes.

Live instruction for our 2022-2023 online course season will begin in September and run through March. You can learn more about our course offerings on our website, with new courses being announced soon.

Kara Peet

Kara is the Online Course Coordinator for the Cornell Small Farms Program. With experience in collaboration, advocacy, education, administration, and positive customer service, Kara focuses on supporting online course instructors and participants. Through her work, she aims to foster people’s connection with land and nature and expand diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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