2022 Silvopasture Showcase Tour – Farm Ops Scholarship

Fill out this form once you have registered to attend the tour. Don’t forget to make your hotel reservations. You must be a veteran that resides in the states of NY.

*If you would like assistance in enrolling at a facility near you, contact Dr. Paul Doughery at (585) 463-2674.
If you are retired from Cornell University or Cooperative Extension, please select your former appointment.
NOTE: The social definition of “race” has resulted in systemic institutional racism and made it more challenging for people of color to farm. We ask this question as one measure toward our goal of supporting ALL people who farm or want to farm. You can read more about this commitment in our Equity and Justice Statement on our About page.

What is 7+4?

Nina Saeli

Nina retired from active duty in 2009. She and her husband, Jeffrey, own and operate Centurion Farm in Locke, NY. Nina also now works with the Cornell Small Farms Program as coordinator of our Farm Ops project supporting veterans in agriculture.
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