This Guide represents the hard work of a group of people dedicated to ensuring that small-scale farmers in NYS are able to continue producing and selling high-quality, safe food to their eager customers.
Special thanks to Lynn Bliven, Ag & Natural Resources Team Coordinator for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties, for her leadership on this project.
Thanks also to Clarence Davis, NYS Department of Ag & Markets, for his assistance on interpreting and clarifying the regulations and policies, and to Tatiana Stanton, Senior Extension Associate at Cornell University, for her persistence in gaining that clarity.
We are also grateful to Farm Family Insurance Company for funding the first round of hard copies of this guide, making it possible to distribute it at poultry processing trainings around the state.
This guide presents the best information available as of July 2, 2012. While we don’t expect the best practices for food safety to change over time, the specifics about how and where a farmer may sell their poultry in NYS may change. Please consult the NYS Department of Ag and Markets if you have questions about what you are or are not allowed to do.
The most up-to-date version of this Guide will always be available online at:
General questions about this Guide may be directed to the Cornell University Small Farms Program:
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