Summer 2021


The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the arrival of the Summer 2021 edition of the Small Farms Quarterly.

In this issue, we feature how a grant expands Cornell farmworker efforts, advice on how to calculate and prepare for winter livestock feed, and pasture soil compaction. 

You can read articles from the Summer 2021 Quarterly online now. Or if you’d rather flip through the articles in a magazine format, take a look at our online reader to peruse this issue or feel free to download the PDF version of the Quarterly.

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Cornell Small Farms Program Update

News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Summer 2021


CCE News

How to Talk About COVID-19 Vaccination With Your Employees   By Mary Kate MacKenzie, Richard Stup, and Mary Jo Dudley



Cheap, User-Friendly Smartphone App Predicts Vineyard Yields   By Krishna Ramanujan

Cornell Experts Advocate for Ag Diversity, Food Security By James Dean

Cornell Releases Official Land Acknowledgment By Susan Kelley


Featured Articles

Grant Expands Cornell Farmworker Program Efforts  By Matt Hayes

Do the Math for Winter Feed Preparation By Rich Taber

Pasture Soil Compaction Pasture Soil Compaction: A Slow, but Stealthy Thief of Pasture Productivity By Fay Benson


Additional Articles

Red Meat Processing in NYS: Bottleneck in the Local Food Economy  By Dr. Mike Baker, Dana Havas, Nancy Glazier, Lynn Bliven, Dr. Tatiana Stanton, Erica Frenay

“The Organic Seed Grower,” a Comprehensive Manual for the Seasoned or Novice seed Saver By Robin Hackett

Blueberries and Bees By Tom Shultz

How To Catch A Sheep By Ulf Kintzel

Preserving the History of Organic/Sustainable Agriculture By Anneliese Abbott