25: Finding Price Information

25: Finding Price Information

Wholesale Price Information

The resources below are provided for reference. However, keep in mind that market conditions are different across NY. Prices for produce in ENY are usually much higher than the North Country and far WNY.  The NYS terminal market prices are often higher than what buyers or distributors (like supermarkets or repackers) pay growers further away from NYC.  Ultimately, each farmer and producer needs to know their cost of production. See Fact Sheet 24 – Pricing Farm Products.



Livestock and Field Crops

Fact Sheet Overview

    Local Markets

    It is important to check local outlets for price information. Ask other farmers about what they charge, ask buyers in your area what they would pay, visit retail outlets and note prices, shop at farmers’ markets and see what products are selling for. You can find lists of farmers markets around the state through:

    Farmers Market Federation of New York

    New York Ag and Markets

    Your pricing should be based on your costs, being competitive, and on what the particular market area customer will pay for high quality local products. Offer high quality and differentiate your products to capture a higher price.