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Rachel Firak is a Program Assistant with the Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming in Ithaca, NY. She can be reached at:
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People, Not Tractors: Agricultural Volunteerism Around the Globe

By Rachel Firak / April 2, 2011

When you’ve got an unconventional idea about farming, rural people (born and raised) are guaranteed to put it through the wringer. These are the shrewdest judges you’ll ever meet, so before you start running your mouth in front of them, you’d best be prepared. It was only after six months of experience that I brought…

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Growing a Groundswell

By Rachel Firak / October 3, 2010

Groundswell Center cultivates the next generation of farmers and food citizens Where is the culture of agriculture? Is it found in homesteads, ranches, and close-knit farming communities in rural America? Can it be glimpsed in farmers markets, community gardens, and country kitchens where families have preserved food together for generations? Has it followed us into…

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