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Lee Reich, PhD is a farm-dener and consultant in New Paltz, NY.
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Uncommon Fruits with Commercial Potential, Part 2

By Lee Reich / July 1, 2013

In my previous article, the first part of this 2-part series, I made a case for growing uncommon fruits: The fruits relative freedom from pests and ease of growth, along with their delicious and unique flavors, make them ideally suited to local markets. I then went on to describe some uncommon fruits — specifically, “fruits…

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Uncommon Fruits with Commercial Potential

By Lee Reich / March 27, 2013

  When small farmers consider planting fruits, their thoughts typically turn first to apples. After that, peaches, plums, and other familiar fruits may come to mind. In this two-part article, I’d like to make a case for considering growing some uncommon fruits in addition to, or instead of, these more common ones. One major problem…

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